FA Cup 2017/18


Tottenham will put this one to bed over the course of the 2nd half as standard, but it’s already proving one of the most memorable games of the season :smile:



Clip please


‘Finger to ear time’ is my new favourite phrase in football


Think they are gonna need to change the ball in the second half because it’s snowing very heavily.


I’m more against VAR than for it. But even I have to say that it’s fucking hilarious when it goes against Spurs. Twice.


Nice goal from Llorente. 2-1.


Llorente again. Game over.

Llorente’s hattrick


Err why hasn’t VAR been used to make sure that’s really Llorente?


Funny joke :xhaka:


5-1 Son. Too much snow for Rochdale.


Ahahah the banner against Alli! “Alli no diving” :arteta:
Why haven’t they changed the ball yet? It has basically disappeared.


Please tell me the referee didn’t just use his vanishing spray on a snow covered pitch? :neutral_face:


Most bizarre game i have watched for a while. The VAR, the ball that wasn’t changed due to heavy snow and the penalty. I saw everything! :mustafi:


Loves watching Spurs, hates watching Arsenal. It all makes sense now :xhaka:


I have been found out! :stuck_out_tongue:


6-1 Tottenham


Lucky for us that VAR spared us having to hear about an 8-0 Spurs win.



Swansea will do the job on the scum, have full faith. Cmon you Swans? United will go through but hope they get knocked out asap.


A sign from the match last night


Yeah, fair play to Rochdale fans to tell him how it is.


C’mon Swansea and Brighton today!
1-0 Tottenham at HT. Eriksen.