FA Cup 2017/18


This guy doesn’t care about the weather…



He will when he develops pneumonia in about two days’ time, the moron


Swansea are through.

1-0 Swansea

2-0 Swansea


Dayumm, that’s a massive gut. One of the nicest beer babies i’ve seen.




It’s on.


1-0 Lamela. Easy for Spurs.

Edit: it’s disallowed thanks to the VAR! :arteta:
Heavy snow now!


Might only be delaying the inevitable but that’s pretty funny


This is legit. Good goal from Son.


This game sounds hilarious, wish it was on tv.

Two Tottenham goals ruled out :smile: Var used twice, no one with a clue what’s going on


The fuck is going on here?!

What a weird situation.


Scum fans would’ve gone to this thinking ‘routine low key win’ and now they’ll be livid because none of these events are being explained (even if they’re all correct)


WTF!? Total madness! Son has to take the penalty again and he misses it!
1-1! Ahahahahahah! Spurs must be livid lol! :rofl:


I think it was disallowed because of Son stopping during the run up? Don’t see that very often

This is the worst advert for Var I’ve seen yet. It’s not all about whether the decisions are correctly adjusted or not


This match is VAR with a bit of football thrown in. The ref is VAR happy.


There were also some players in the box.

1-1 Rochdale


Ah yeah encroachment makes more sense to me. On the radio commentary they’re talking about it being about the run up. Wasn’t even familiar with that rule tbh


It is. BT are showing it


Son got booked for the run up so it surely has to be because of that!


There were even some players in the box. You cannot take a penalty when there are players in the box.