FA Cup 2017/18


I don’t want Spurs to win it but I think they way I will be able to live with it is, the football they have played in the last 3 seasons deserves a trophy if I’m being brutally honest.
Ideally I’d love some shock winner like the foxes, add the FA cup to the 2016 league title :joy:.


This United team is poor, only 1 shot on target at home to Brighton through 75 minutes. I’d be pretty suprised if they lift the FA cup.


Never Spurs so United. Hope for Leicester though.


Mou with another brutal post-match assessment of his own troops :grimacing:




“Capable defensively” :rofl:


Quite criminal what he’s done to Shaw.

Their main young talent have regressed under him, when he leaves he’ll definitely kick on.


Tbf Shaw has not just had trouble with Mourinho, 2 England managers, Pochettino & LVG have all highlighted a commitment issue with him.


he has also looked pretty chubby recently.


Yeah, most players that suffer a lot of injuries don’t get incredibly out of shape like Shaw does.


His fitness has been fine lately, he has a stocky build but in terms of fitness he’s apparently one of their fittest players.

It’s true he’s had commitment issues but Jose seems to have systematically stripped him of all confidence, it’s bordering on bullying at this point and tbh after the injury he sustained I’m sure he suffered psychologically.


United to win FA cup so Mourinho stays there for another season.

Scratch that

Conte to win FA cup so he can whine for another season.


Chelsea is the lesser of the evils, would take them winning it. Their current squad is more likeable, they had a lot of twats a few years ago


Would be nice if Wigan and Leicester could go through today.


The ideal scenario would be Chelsea to beat spurs or Man U in the final, with Giroud scoring a hat trick and then lifting his Chelsea shirt up to reveal an Arsenal shirt underneath :grinning:


Im sure every spurs fan will be wanting the same. No even though ive got twenty quid on Leicester for the cup I will sacrifice that today. Hatred cant be bought im afraid. Anyone but the spuds.


I think it’s going to be 1 nil Will Grigg up the ‘tics CMON :sunglasses:


Would it even be a surprise if Wigan won? I know they’re in League One but they’re playing well and they have a habit of beating PL teams in the cup, not to mention a PL team who are playing like a Championship side.

I actually see today as one Championship side against another.


I wouldn’t be surprised, Southampton are God awful and you’re right this is like seeing two Championship teams facing off.

I have no idea why Southampton let Pellegrino stay as long as he did, he never looked convincing. Their run in is very difficult and he clearly wasn’t going to turn it around, seems too late now. Swansea made the change much earlier and are reaping the benefits.


Southampton fa cup winners this season


People will expect Wigan to win ‘cos they beat Man City (who still dominated them away from home with 10 men), so naturally expect Wigan 0 - 3 Southampton or something