FA Cup 2017/18




We know this all too well…


Records on going though really. Real Madrid have won 10 CLs but you wouldnt care a less if we won one next season, putting us 9 behind.


Nice to have the lead all by ourself, though… we are 1 ahead right now?


Seeing a giant killing is cool but the net result is the 3 teams I hate the most in English football are in it & one of them is going to win it.


Maybe but the richest cunts in English history got beat by a third tier side, so just laugh your fucking cock off for a few days.


Better to be a pizza than an angus boy :wink:


If that fan really spat at him then he’s scummy cunt. No wonder Agüero went for him.


Not convinced by a south american tv channel tbh.





C’mon you fucking baguette! Copy Wigan to beat Shitty!


Wonder what kind of ban aguero and pep will get. :thinking::thinking:

I think they should be fine as long as they didn’t call Anthony Taylor a disgrace


Sol’s videos are always creepy as fuck lol


I think they will get something, as they are not Tottenumb, the media darling.




Guy says “suck my dick”. So is Aguero aggravated or excited?


The 2 F.A. Cup replays take place today and tomorrow: Swansea-Sheffield Wednesday and Tottenham-Rochdale.


Two easy home wins there


One of them is.


8000 attendance for an Fa Cup match when the winner reaches the quarter finals is really bad news. Whatever the weather :confused: