FA Cup 2017/18


Never say those words


This doesn’t help my lack of trophy agenda against Poch


In all fairness it does look like it will be Utd, Chelsea or Spurs…and out of them three…I think I would prefer Utd…I have always hated Utd, but at least they earn their own cash, AND…theyre not Spurs…So, as much as I hate to admit it…C’mon Utd…at least til Wigan go out…


A fucking men


Manchester United will equal our record like they done in 2016 why on earth would you want them to win it


What’s this about Agüero chinning a fan after the game?!


Giroud lifting the FA Cup for the 4th time in 5 years will be OK by me :slightly_smiling_face:


He didn’t. He did lash out at a fan, and it got a bit sordid, but he certainly didn’t ‘chin’ anyone.







Wigan are likely to get in trouble for the actions of their fans.




Pep getting salty



Ones all it takes pepster


Leicester are due v Chelsea.

Man Ure have had a frustratingly easy draw all the way through.

Spurs are likely to lose in the semis/final to United.

Man Yoo to win it. Arseholes.

(But from the holy trinity of c’nts I’d rather chelsea win it if I had to. Even though it’s funny they’ve won it fewer times than the Villa)


The poor man would like all his opponents to always play open against them. Too easy :wink:


1-0 Wigan


City are going to proper do us now, take all that anger out on Xhaka Mustafi and Kos. KDB Sterling and Aguero will make them their bunnies.

In any case, this always happens any time the quadruple talk gets bandied about. Best they can do now is a slightly shitter treble.




You have just reminded me why i do always like to take the piss out of jocks :ozil2:


Thats what 50 million gets you on a shit right back. Crying cunt couldnt even equal Bertie Mees double.