FA Cup 2017/18


Fucking hell this is tense


God i feckin hope so…cunts




They’ll be a wounded animal on Sunday. Bastards. #prayforArsenal


Great result, now lets feckin do the money cunts on Sunday…


One of either United, Chelsea and Spurs will win our FA Cup. Worse case scenario folks


Is it?

Good chance Spurs will win it now.


Come on you Foxes!! Win this cup


Spurs won’t win it…and now Money City are out, who feckin cares…




Well I’d rather united didn’t equal our record one year after we set it again myself. Too much to hope for the three cunts left to fall apart I guess :frowning:

But I agree, won’t be the spuds


Thats the definition of a bogey team :joy:


They’ll win something eventually , we were supposedly never going to drop out of top four at one point.

Shit changes.


I’d rather Chelsea win it now, next preferable one in line :smile: Desperate times

Trouble in the away end, as usual it’s the fault of home fans inciting them after a home win. Away fans always overpoliced, home crowd ignored by stewards. Very standard


Yes! One less trophy for them! :smiley:


Out of the holy trinity of cunts Chelsea are the one I wouldn’t be bothered about the most.


United will annoyingly win this now, to equal our record.

Spurs can’t beat Rochdale and Chelsea are shit.

Would not mind Chelsea winning it at all. Anyone but United and especially spurs.



For me.


I hope Spurs do win it. Purely so the hypocrisy about how important the FA Cup is, is there for all to see.

Whilst we were mocked for ‘only’ winning the FA Cup, they’ll be lauded and celebrated for winning it.


I’m happy to just be aware of the hypocrisy without having to witness that :neutral_face: