FA Cup 2017/18


Defo red card. Pep playing the prick. Wigan should demand a referees meeting.


Should tire out Man City a little more ahead of, er, next Sunday. Yes I’m reaching


City down to 10 men lol!


Of all the players to be banned for our game and boost our hopes, fucking Delph :bellerin:




Man City are dominating this game more with 10 men than with 11 in the 1st half. Wigan been handed the chance to go and win the game and they’ve gone into their shell


Only a matter of time before City bag a winner

Edit: Meant Wigan



Max Power, he’s the man who’s name you’d love to touch

But you mustn’t touch


I’m torn. I want a giant killing. But then without Man City in the competition, it increases United and Spurs’ chances of winning it



Will Griggs on fire :fire:


Bloody typical, their nonsense quadruple finally killed off and I can’t even enjoy it because it means Man United or Tottenham are winning the fa cup :roll_eyes:




Not sure if this is good or bad for next sunday or has no meaning whatsoever for sunday.


Bloody hell that was a good finish!


Means nothing, we’re not as good as Wigan


Didn’t Wigan beat City in the last time they met in the FA CUP?

13/14 quarter finals?

OA was in disbelief if I remember hah


City losing would cost me £153.00 on an accumulator, but i feckin hope they lose…C’mon Wigan…


Is it more likely City slump out of two cup competitions in one week, or that they rebound and absolutely wallop us at Wembley? :eyes:


Exactly Calum. 2-1 away.


Can’t have City going out ffs