FA Cup 2017/18



2-1 Kane on penalty.



OK, to be fair there was contact, but he exaggerated it massively. So i’m still right


2-1 Kane






Dele Alli is such a little rat!

Glad Rochdale didn’t give up, and yet another replay for Spurs – which will upset Poch i’m sure, what with it interrupting their quest to win a “proper” trophy.


Can someone go to London and punch Alli in the face? Little cunt.


A replay is a great effort and all but ultimately spurs are going through comfortably at home.


Potentially looking at Chelsea United and Scum all in the semi finals :weary: :weary: :weary:

Come on Leicester or Manchester City




Ive got twenty quid on the foxes at 25 to 1. Obviously dont want spurs but dont see any reason to want city to win it. Sick off seeing them portrayed as some sort of salvation club. Biggest cunt club going.


Do people really want the magic of games like today taken away. Brilliant viewing and bringing dreams and hope back into what the games really about to players and fans.


Newport and Rochdale have both held them lol, and I’m sure both sides don’t have any professional footballers, just bricklayers and postmen


Read about a Rochdale player who is student and was doing his homework on the coach.


Rochdale are League 1. Of course they have professionals/are pretty much all professionals.


Are you kidding? Players in league 1 are professional footballers. Depending on the club and how good the player is, they can earn up to £10,000 a week! But for most it’s likely to be less than half that. But still, hardly need a part time job with that, do you?


Gunner girl is acting like it’s 1990 :rofl:


Wigan to pull out another 2013 today :kos2:


These League 1 teams are no mugs.

Shame Nick Powell went off injured though, he’s been having a good season.

But after that red card for the foul on Max Power, I really want him to score the winner now – his name is headline material :grin:


That tunnel looks like a fun place to be haha. Pretty sure Pep is going to go mad!

On first viewing the red card did look harsh. It also appeared as if the referee was going to give him a yellow before the Wigan players came running over to him.