FA Cup 2017/18


Tottenham, Chelsea, Man United and Man City in the semis then, I know who I’m rooting for :grimacing:


Hah good watch this



I’m ok with City or Chelsea winning it. Haven’t paid much attention since we got knocked out where’d lolpool go?

Oh haha lost to west brom, well they can always win the CL to end their trophy drought.


Knowing Liverpool it’s not impossible, they somehow managed it in 2005.


Guess that means we can still win the title under Wenger and go invincible too considering we did it this century.


Liverpool also have a manger that took a team to a CL final in the last 5 years though and well we have Wenger.




Good chance for Rochdale here. Good start from them.
The game is very lively. Both teams giving it a go.
AHAHAHAH! How did Llorente miss it? Truly awful!
FFS Rochdale! You will never have a better chance to score than it again.





Nice goal too


1-0 Rochdale




Hey, that pitch looks okay. What are those cunts complaining about?


Looks like Spurs may have to bring on Kane or Alli to dive for a penalty


Rochdale have been very impressive!


Spurs look so lazy, while Rochdale are working their socks off.
FUCK OFF DIRTY SHITHOLE CUNTS! Such an undeserved draw!

Alli on to dive Spurs to the win.


Spurs goal looking imminent here.


Kane on as well. He is gonna score now.


Rochdale scored waaaaaaay too early, that needed to be 70+ minutes, not in the 1st half


Rochdale off the line now! Hold on!