This is so random and so Bielsa.



This can’t be true can it, bloody hell


No. They can’t give up on prem status with 19 game left.
It’s just nerdball fantasy thinking everything turns around on a relegation.
It’s massive money they lose out on with a relegation and no guarantee of a quick return.

Also history. They’re the only team to have never been relegated right?

That’s a big blow to a team that’s been suffering for quite a few years now.

No they have been relegated. Twice in fact. Played more games in the top flight but they were a founding member.


How is it a nerdball fantasy to think that a club with bloated finances that is hemorrhaging cash could strip down its squad, sign cheaper players and rebuild?

Because your giving up your status with half a season to go.
There a big club and get 40 thousand fans a week.
Where is the guarantee of the bounce back. They are badly run now.
If Newcastle went down with Ashley what mess would they be in now.
Teams are getting miles ahead of Everton but the change needs to come in the Prem.
Took teams like Villa and Leeds years to get out of those divisions.
TV money, sponsors and partners disappear or reduce funding.

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Burnley went down deservingly. Dyche and his squad were done. Kompany comes in refreshes the squad and they are coming back into the Premier League championship winners and a better team.

It does work tbh

Burnley are totally different in status to Everton. The impact of relegation for Burnley over Everton is day and night.

Fair point

How does being relegated help them at all?

I do feel some clubs need a relegation every so often to start a new era.

Burnley last season

Southampton probably this season.

Didn’t help Rangers :joy:

You want me to just repost what I wrote?

They’re bleeding money and need to control costs. A Championship budget is smaller, they’ll get parachute payments and try to start over.

It’s never a great thing to get relegated but they’ve been run so poorly the last eight years that clinging to life in 15th isn’t all that sustainable.

But how does being relegated to a less financially successful league help them balance the books? Why can’t they just do that in the PL? Why would they need to give up their PL status to do those things? It didn’t help Blackburn who had billionaire owners and Fulham have just been a yo yo club with billionaire owners.

They have a huge wage bill, they have outstanding transfers to pay for, a new stadium they’re building. There’s absolutely no positive to relegation. They’re on the brink of FFP breaches and they can’t afford anymore hits to their revenue as it is.

You don’t need to be relegated to work out you need to balance the books or to start a fresh with something different.

Just sounds like fantasy football to me. Stay in the league, get the mega money that comes with it and go from there. Everton are as badly run as a lot of clubs who get clueless billionaire owners dropping a division down isn’t going to change that in the slightest.

Much better for them to at least retain their position.

tbf they rebuilded in time to stop 10 in a row and got to a European final lol.

Quick check got me this. 15th in the prem 13 million.
Championship winners 100,000. Come on now. Factor in tv money and lost revenue with sponsors and partners and even pre season tournament.
It’s huge revenue to be gambling on with your youth policy.

Some people are forgetting Everton are one of England’s biggest clubs historically, going down and resetting isn’t an option for them


For the immediate goal of staying up, Dyche is a pretty good appointment I think. He’ll make them defensively sound again and maybe they can grind enough results to just about keep their heads above water.

Terrible appointment beyond that though - Everton need a massive squad rebuild and mainly they need to bring in some quality, which is sort of the anti-thesis of Dycheball. But first things first I guess.

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Everton mess is actually funny or tragic depending how you view them.
They have actually got in the mess with having money.
So many bad decisions and signings. Not just players but Off the field with directors of football and transfer policies.