I don’t think clubs would scale back on making money if wages came down.
It’s run on business lines and business is good right now.

Absolutely, but I think it would have an effect.
The European super league was born out of the fact that clubs do not have enough money, and if you look at a clubs main expenditure, its the players.

Clubs need more money to offer more to the players for fear of them leaving.

Ole gunner relegate them

Probably could do with another go in the championship tbh

Big Dunc off the list. Forest Green just give him their job.

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Time for that sweet Saudi blood money. Good for him.

Newcastle don’t overspend which I respect.

Was listening to talksport earlier today and they said Newcastle aren’t interested in their asking price and he won’t be going to them

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Oof only Everton can manage to take a loss on an English prospect.

Everton going to turn into defensive monsters over the next week just in time for our annual Goodison disasterclass.

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I’m now very concerned about this game.
It’s got the all the hallmarks of an awful Arsenal performance.
Home team sack the manager,
New manager takes charge of his first game,
The Arsenal have a shocker .
I’ve seen this happen time and time again.
This is now a big game for The Arsenal. Everton may be staring at relegation but this goes out of the window , players have lots to prove , home supporters buzzing.
If Arteta can cross this line in the sand then we must start to believe.

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Dunno. Think the players liked Lampard and Dyche is gonna work them hard for the next week. We start well (like we have all season) and get an early goal, they crumble.


I agree this is a totally different Arsenal now, we’re gonna smash them like we always used to.


Dyche at Burnley with his own players is different to him here.
Those players are playing with fear at home and it won’t change over night.
Not sure this was the right move for them either. Then again I don’t know who is.

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Just fucking ridiculous. How does that work in the here and now of a relegation fight.

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At least Dyche could take his brand of Brexitball into the Championship if they go down and he did keep Burnley up for like ten years. It’s not the worst move. They have some real serious duds like Keane, Coady, Tarkowski who could certainly spend 90 minutes booting the ball away.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that if he’s appointed they will spend all match kicking the shit out of us.

Better to accept relegation and rebuild as they fucking need it imo. Staying up done them no favours they need to hard reset. Let him build for next season.