Personally I don’t mind Everton, would prefer this to happen to another more cunty club, ideally Chelsea/United :joy:


That’s United, Liverpool and Everton all on the market now and all seemingly willing to take on minority investors. Everton need an outright sale though and cut all ties with current owners.

Everton under Moyes were a pretty likeable club, really felt they were the plunky underdogs punching way above their weight with lots of interesting/fun players.

Since then, the club and their support have gone down hill. A club like Everton should never be in the 2nd tier but that’s the price you pay for getting in bed with a dodgy Russian.

Makes me sick thinking Usmanov ever owned shares in Arsenal, Best thing for the club recently was him selling and giving KSE full control to invest further


The win on penalties against ManU in the FA Cup semi final was a great watch. Well maybe not the match but the penalties themselves. Got some classic Tim Howard heroics and some awful penalties.

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Qatar want a British club? Here it is.

This is a club who and set of fans who never understood the PL.
People’s club nonsense. Dogs of war shit. Stuck in the 80s.
New stadium will need a new outlook by those fans and I’m not sure they have it.
West Ham made their transition pretty well but they had a good season before they left.
Everton are all over the place though and moving out there district.

They are irrelevant and shite. They need a total rebuild and reboot. I think the championship would help

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Not for sale apparently :man_shrugging:

Don’t care about their history or their current situation. I just want 3 points from this fixture and hope we don’t suffer from the new manager influence.


Don’t most new managers lose when they take over a shit team?
Wouldn’t be surprised if this club don’t have one by this game.
Can’t organise anything at the moment.

Yeah but how many times have we become unstuck by a new manager. I hope we have enough in a couple of week and hope they don’t park the bus for 90mins.

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Don’t know. Can you recall any lately or with a team this good?

We have defo been affected a few times…but struggling to think of who atm…historically though this has all the haul marks of a fixture where we would drop points. Also a 12.30 k/o which historically hasn’t suited us either!

Is it 4 times?

Don’t think we’ve ever won there under Arteta, have we?

Even as you say @The_Invincibles, it is a tricky fixture, with the current lot that’s a good thing. It’s Arteta, it’s Everton, we lost our last 2 matches there, don’t think we’ll underestimate the occasion and take all 3 points.

Struggling to reference tbh…we haven’t done well away at Everton though. Notwithstanding, this is a massive fixture for us and as we play ahead of City for the next two fixtures, essentially our game in hand. Absolutely must win if we want to dream about winning the league this season.

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I’m pretty sure that amounts to 2 games.

Granted the loss last season was a total shambles but let’s not forget they should have had the player sent off when we were one up.

Besides, this is the kind of thing we’ve been putting to right all season long.


Plus we lost a lot of games in the lockdown season of 20/21 so it doesn’t really matter :joy:

If we’re being fair, we were totally shit that day. Scored a goal against the run of play and sat back, playing even worse.

That was Auba’s last match for us btw. His last touch was a terrible miss in the last minute to equalize and then he turned back all smiles.


This confused me for a good 30 seconds but then the lightbulb went on :rofl: