European Terrorism


I clearly didn’t mean to hurt anyone. It’s just these attacks are becoming predictable. Sadly :frowning:


Are they not similar with Balkan countries in any way or form? I don’t think we’d argue the Balkan countries are not European. The size of Russia just makes it all weird.


Also glad to hear your family are safe mate, must’ve been terrible not knowing. I hope the hugs upon reunion with them were/are special. Stay safe. :v: :family_man_woman_girl:


So the cunt was trying to do the old Casino Royale.


Tbh, this is crying out for a movie. Eddie Redmayne to play traumatized captain Marcel Schmelzer.


Mmm I don’t know Redmayne has that “definitely molested as a child” look that would fit Bartra perfectly.


Hailee Steinfeld could definitely play Julian Weigl.


Could have been a tragedy, but fuck me, this is rather comical.


Hopefully this doesn’t end badly. :expressionless:


Gunman has been killed by Police.


This policeman is a hero. Swapped places with hostage(s) and ended up paying the ultimate price. RIP.