European Terrorism

Another possible terrorist attack has taken place in France. So sad, But honestly not a shock anymore.

BREAKING NEWS: At least 60 dead and shots fired as lorry RAMS into crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice leaving bodies strewn across the road in suspected Terror attack

Sad news.

They can kill us during every moment.

Sincerely I don’t know who is the right method to beat them or if Europe and other important countries in the world have a plan.

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For fucks sake

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Woman on sky news… “I know it might be quite selfish but this has ruined my shopping trip”.

Wow. Supposedly a witness. Cannot be thinking straight to come out with something like that.


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What the fuck. I’ll reserve judgement as to what religion these assailants are affiliated with before making any judgements though.

Absolute fucking scumbag cunts. Nuke the fucking lot of them and wipe them off the face of this earth.


My home of Nice being attacked, I’ve had enough of this, how many people need to die before we wipe these scum of the Earth out? My uncle was there and he got out alive, but a lot of people didn’t and again, people have lost loved ones and futures being destroyed, I’m just sick and tired of this.

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Shocking news again from France :cry:

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Religious uneducated jobless fucks :expressionless:

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FFS! They really can’t stop, can they? The problem is that the killer was a lone wolf, someone who didn’t take advices from ISIS on how to kill the innocent people. They are the most dangerous men out there.


Really would like the news reports to use words like cowardly, delusional, gutless, spineless deviants when describing these pricks.

The way the media here paint it, is that IS have their back to the wall now, so they are kicking up a lot more dust. I read an article about Anonymous the hacker group killing their online recruitment by about 50%, and from other stuff I read rhey are starting to lose a lot of ground.

And yet some feel that dropping a nuke is going to help :laughing:


I share yours and everyone else’s anger and frustration on this.

Not as easy as that though, is it? Once upon a time a country could just go and bomb the fuck out of another country, there were defined enemies in defined locations (check with your older generations). Not so much now. These bastards walk among us.

This shit is going to go on for years. The new reality, I’m sorry to say.

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German train attack: IS releases video of ‘Afghan knifeman’

Will it ever dawn on people that these radical Muslims with their backwards ways are simply not compatible with western culture and beliefs and they need to be properly vetted before being allowed into our countries!?!


Is this wide spread vetting not in contradiction to your dislike of intelligence agencies?


Intelligence agencies have many legitimate functions when those functions serve the people. no?

Besides, unless a particular agency (intelligence or some other) is needed to verify someone’s identity, i don’t see the connection between intelligence agencies, and closing the boarder and having proper boarder controls

Reading that report, seems there is no clear link to the claims he attacked them over their dress, in fact that’s being discounted…

G4E in yet another reaction to headline without reading the article shocker…:astonished:

Apologies, you’re right, i should have read that particular article before posting. i had read it in another article but decided on posting the above instead because the other was from the mail online. i simply assumed both papers would be reporting and quoting the same sources.

And for future reference, it’s g4e, not G4E :wink:

Perhaps if we in Britian would stop invading countries like Iraq,and Afghanistan,destroy countries like Libya and Syria then these attacks might not happen ! It is the callous disregard that the west has for the carnage that we inflict and taking of human life in these countries that infuriates ordinary people and gives rise to extremist views !