European Terrorism


Total pet peeve of yours, eh? Evidently.




They compete in the European Championships. That’s my criteria


Total travesty! The vast majority of that shithole of a country is in Asia. How are people from Vladivostok competing for a European championship? That’s farther east than Bejing, Shanghai or Seoul.


Well had your people done their fucking job we wouldn’t have this problem.


So when you asked how it was in Europe you knew exactly how it is considered to be in Europe :grin:

I agree with you on the European Championships, has never felt right to me that Russia play in it.


You’re being really mean, you know?


The former GDR is best Germany. :+1:

As do the totally European nation of Israel. :wink:


I thought that may press some buttons :slight_smile:


I’m not an idiot, Jake, I just object to the common assertion that a city that’s spelled Санкт-Петербу́рг is in Europe. Looking at a map I think that’s an Asian city in an Asian country and their football players should compete in Asian tournaments! :grinning:
To be honest, I really don’t care if they call themselves Asian or something entirely different, as long as it’s not “European”. The problem are not the Russians, however. I’d happily expand the EU all the way to China if it wasn’t for that small part of darkness between Lower Saxony and Poland, which shall not be named.


I didn’t mistake you for one, but if all your post contains is a simple question you can’t then be surprised that it could be mistaken for actually being a genuine simple question lol. If you’d elaborated, or rather just made your point, then that would have saved us all a bit of time you mad commie fuck :wink:



What’s the spelling has to do with anything lol?


Ha ha! Yeah, Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch is in Europe, too - technically.
Don’t think they’re involved in any Euro football, though.:ramsey:


Wonderful place that.


Truck drove down a high street and crashed into a department store. 3 people confirmed dead so far.

R.I.P x


My wife and my 5 months old were there 1 hour before the attack. The anxiety before knowing what had happened and that they are ok… :pensive:Horrible! Same cowardly attack as in other cities. Fucking cunts!!!


Wow. Glad to hear you and yours are safe there, mate! :+1:


It’s becoming so boring :xhaka:


I understand what you mean in a way, its the most stupid pathetic displays of cowardice and you wish those people will just kill themselves instead of each other if their lives and those of others are that meaningless. But its far from boring to those involved or are living closeby its as terrifying as fucking hell.