European Terrorism

I’d call it terrorism


I agree with your analysis.

It’s clearly a pre-meditated murder done with the intent of pushing a religious (don’t insult Islam) and political agenda (repercussion against freedom of expression).

It’s not like the London bombings or 9/11 with that level of detail in the planning, but it’s still done with the intention of scaring and cowing people into acting a certain way.

Fucking hell so many murders have political consequences.

George Floyd, breonna Taylor. I don’t see that labelled terrorism when it seems organisations are targeting specific communities to scare them.

Political assassinations are not labelled terrorist attacks, unless I guess the perp was muslim.

Just admit everyone wants to label this terror because it was a Muslim that did this


It would be so much easier if people just admitted this lol


I think a lot of what the US has done in the Middle East is also terrorism.

Why did the act occur though. Biggest issue is an innocent man has lost his life for no justified reason at all.

That white kiwi guy shooting up the mosque was labeled a terrorist, wasn’t he?

Or Breivik?

The thing is, beheading someone for showing images of anything, including the prophet Muhammad, is simply put terrorism.

It causes fear to those who value free speech, that one might be physically harmed, with death even, for exercising this freedom.

And yes, plenty of the US / West interventions worldwide are terrorism too in my eyes.

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Because he showed his class pictures of Muhammad drawings.

The problem is, to this perpetrator there was a justified reason: blasphemy.

There are tons of examples of executions done because of blasphemy. Sanctioned by courts in some Islamic nations.

So he basically died because of nonsense. Be good start getting all this RE shit off the school curriculum and have non religious schools.
Every walk of life where told of avoiding diversity but this bollocks gets a pass.

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? RE is a important part of a kids education.

Take it away to make people more ignorant down the line


It’s not because of this. It’s because barely a fortnight goes by without some extreme violent act perpetrated by someone whose Muslim. It’s obviously a problem. I don’t really know what the solution is when a segment of a religion hold views incompatible with democratic, liberal views, but downplaying it and ignoring it isn’t going to help. France is allowed to depict Muhammed in cartoon form. It’s different to American cops and it’s different to government foreign policy. It’s citizens of a country murdering other citizens for no other reason than feeling offended.

I wouldn’t advise that. RE in schools is probably the only time some kids are going to hear religious ideas discussed in a critical light with tolerance and understanding.

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I’m glad I had RE in school. All my extended family were devout Christians, and it was the only place I had where religion could be debated and challenged.


I was fortunate enough (in my opinion) to be raised an Atheist by my parents. Or basically not religious at all. From a young age, I was told religioun is a bunch of nonsense. Fairy tales for adults who need it to behave themselves.

So you can imagine I wasn’t the teacher’s favourite in religious class, asking questions all the time, exposing the hypocrisy and nonsense of any religion.

Often debates regarding religion aren’t really debates and usually no one convinces the other. I don’t think we need such classes. Teach religion as part of history classes. Those who want detailed religious study, can do so on their own accord, but it shouldn’t be mandatory.

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The word literally has no meaning. the closest meaning is, ‘violence perpetrated by Muslims or Muslim sounding people’.

Just like ‘lone wolf’ is code for white attacker. It means there are whole thinkpieces and analyses on why certain groups hate us and are so violent, while other groups get off scot-free from these analyses.

How many people have been run down by right wing guys in cars in America this year do you think? Interest in car attacks gone down exponentially in recent years as it became a tactic used by far right.

Guys in guns and military uniform stopping people? That’s all ok.

This was a grisly murder and is being used to further damage the environment to almost continue to ratchet up tensions for no good reason.


Just because other acts aren’t called terrorism when they should be, doesn’t mean we stop using it when clear acts of terrorism happen.


No, it’s more killing in the name of religion or because someone offends a religion is itself terrorism. If it’s not what’s the classification?

I suppose we need to find more details about the motives behind the crime, such as the mental health of the killer but it sounds like the 18 year old chechan man may have been groomed. There are elements within Wahabism that incite young people to violence, which could well have occured here.

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Those have also been classified as terrorism though. Especially the far rights plan to kidnap the Michigan govenor. The issue is, to what degree they break the law.