European Terrorism


What do you guys make of this?

Anjem Choudary, who preached hate over two decades with seeming impunity
from legal punishment, has been jailed for five years and six months
for his activities to support Islamic State


Sentence isn’t long enough imo.

This guy is scum of the lowest, lowest kind.


Will never understand such people & how they inspire others.
He is basically advocating against more freedom, better facilities of western countries & wants a more rigid system.

Manipulated the benefit system, living a luxurious life off tax payer’s money and then has the audacity to criticize the government.

I made a thread in old OA as well & I am glad he is finally behind bars.


Whilst he is a hate filled shitbag ,he isnt a terrorist .
The current terrorism laws are a Joke and and insult to freedoms of speech and frediom of thought !
I would simply deport him back to Pakistan where he can live amongst his own !


BBC saying Berlin police treating this as a terrorist attack and that the driver is on the run.


What the fuck did Germany do to these fuckers?

I can relate the Charlie Hebdo and overall France being liberal which irks Islamic radicals but why Germany?


Nothing about the identity of the driver or his motives has come out yet. Literally nothing.


Okay you used the word terrorist so I went there.


Wonder what the hot take is here then? :thinking:


Yeah I saw that earlier. Ankara, Berlin and now Zurich. That’s pretty bloody scary. :frowning:


Not really.




Seriously, are you scared right now? I was a wee bit scared driving through the goddamn Christmas shopping traffic today, much more so than I am now.


I would be if I walking the streets of Berlin right now…As a normal person that is.


Just a fucking awful day today, just fucking awful. A truck attack is basically impossible to predict and stop.


Ugh. And this guy wants to represent the UK in America.


So he’s the British Trump eh? Sounds like something the Donald would say.



He’s just happy.