European Terrorism



Firstly RIP to those who lost their lives and love and sympathies to their families

But evil terrorists are no excuse for scumbag fascist biggoted nazis like yourself and the cunt your posting spamming our site. Please leave GTFO site.

REPORTED. Mods sort the nazi spammers the fuck out.


How did this nazi know it? It doesn’t sound good.


I don’t like the profile pic pretentious bullshit but I don’t understand the last box.
Ofcourse life goes on like normal.
Thank goodness it does.



This is absolute bullshit. Most certainly someone within the police told him.


Lol too soon man too soon :henry2:


Thank God you didn’t see the ones posted on the day :sweat_smile:


Berlin market killer has been killed in Italy. Good work by our Police.


Italy 1 - 0 Tunisian Cunt.

Forza Italia!


Only a matter of time before there’s an attack in Melbourne, too.

7 people arrested today in our lovely multicultural western suburbs planning to carry out an attack in high profile Melbourne CBD locations, possibly on Christmas day.


At least your intelligence caught them beforehand. Usually there’s a high profile attack first then the authorities start to take things seriously.


Probably just more money put into bullshit ‘de-radicalisation’ programs


We have many flaws, but you can always count on our police. It’s top notch.


It’s the way it is.
It’s the future.
Australia ain’t seen nothing yet.
UK and Europe fall to Islam.
I’m not racist, before anyone accuses. Just well travelled.


You what?


Erdogan says he has concrete evidence that the US supplied weapons to ISIS

not reported on MSM of course


I don’t think Erdogan is a reputable source if I’m honest


Not at all but I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.

They supplied the taliban with weapons in the 80s to make life difficult for the Russians. They aren’t above that shit.


he’s the President of fucking Turkey, a member of NATO

for fuck’s sake