European Terrorism


Not just that mate, there’s absolutely no indication that the European govts, the EU, the police or anybody else has any kind of plan to deal with this mess they’ve all created. in fact the opposite seems to be true. by cowing and trying to placate these people we are in essence surrendering to them and telling them they can do what they like to us.

Anyone seen this?

Police criticised for not arresting man carrying Isis flag near parliament

Try walking around outside ISIS headquarters wearing a cross and see how far you get.


Undoubtedly poor foreign policies, but what’s new there? Thing is, even without these foreign policies, these guys’ religion requires them to kill anyone who doesn’t share their views. Not that it stops them from butchering their own.

We’re going to have to live with this for years and years. Welcome to the new reality, folks.


I’m sure if the location of an ISIS base was discovered by Western authorities, they’d bomb the shit out of it, not walk around with a flag on their back.


An open ISIS supporter gets to walk around the British centre of power without even being questioned. try doing that as anything but an ISIS supporter outside ISIS centre of power-is the point. as i’m sure you’re aware MM. The point still stands.

Besides, western powers have had a few chances to bomb and seriously damage ISIS and did nothing. so i don’t think they would “bomb the shit out of them”.


If true then that’s a big mistake. ISIS need to be eradicated like the cancer they are to this world.


Its absolutely true mate. and i couldn’t agree more.

There was also the incident where western forces bombarded ISIS oil trucks with leaflets telling them they were going to be bombed…in 45 minutes.

There’s more examples but those are the 2 i can think of right now.


What on earth is your point? That we should be less tolerant like those savages?


No, the point was that someone (anyone) can walk around with an ISIS flag outside the seat of power of our country and not be stopped/arrested immediately. there is a war on against this extremist group is there not?

I was simply making the point that you could not do what this guy did and live. they’re butchering Christians all over the middle east and now Europe.

That’s all i was saying and nothing more.


Why is that a point worth making?

The implication of your post is clear to see. You complain about a bloke wearing an ISIS flag and not facing any action for doing so, and illustrate this point by saying that ISIS wouldn’t let someone get away with similar.


The man obviously supports ISIS and is allowed to walk freely around the capital, outside the houses of parliament no less, you don’t think that’s worthy of pointing out that you wouldn’t be able to do the same outside an ISIS stronghold?

I don’t understand why this is an issue :s


Of course that isn’t worth pointing out. It’s a completely asinine and uninteresting thing to say.

ISIS are evil savages who throw gay people off roof tops and behead people, why on earth would you point out that they are intolerant whilst whinging about the West/police/society being too tolerant of some bloke wearing an ISIS flag near parliament, if not to imply that we should be less tolerant of stuff like that like they are?


You’ve got it arse backwards. that’s not what i was getting at. i never said arrest any Muslim near parliament. but we at war with ISIS and yet an ISIS supporter is allowed to walk around without immediately being arrested. thankfully the man was only walking around with a flag, but what if he had a bomb strapped to his chest? what if it was a mock exercise to see if he could actually do it?

For comparisons sake, do you believe a man wearing a Nazi uniform would have been allowed to walk around anywhere in the UK during WW2 without being immediately arrested?

It has nothing to do with being less tolerant and everything to do with the fact we are at war with ISIS. and given the recent terror attacks all over Europe i would have thought this was self evident.


I find it quite difficult to have a discussion with you, it’s like you consistently miss the point or go off on tangents.

Make it simple for me. Why when complaining about someone wearing an ISIS flag near parliament and getting away with it would you bring up the fact that a person would not be able to get away with wearing a cross round their neck in ISIS territory? What exactly are we meant to take from this point?


Simple terms, i was merely pointing out the reverse would not be possible.

In the past it was possible, there are many historical examples of Christians and Muslims living side by side. my home country of Cyprus prior to the invasion being one example. Palestine before the creation of modern Israel being another.

Today we’re at war with Islamic extremists, to allow an obvious Islamic extremist supporter to openly show he supports such ideology in the west is IMHO nothing short of stupidity.


Ok, and what is the purpose of pointing it out? We all know that ISIS are intolerant of dissenting viewpoints.


Have you never pointed out the obvious?


Just asking but how do we know the guy was “being allowed” show his support of isis? We’ve no idea how long the flag was out for, if there was cops around, if the whole thing was fucking staged…


So lads, what about that Munich attack huh? That was all the rage in the news a few weeks ago, how come I haven’t heard much about it after the forst 48 hours or so?

Did they find the guy who did it?

looks up info on perp

Ah, I see. See ya later folks.


Western foreign policy does have to take some blame, but even without the bombing, there would still exist this extreme form of Islam, and it would still hate what they consider the secular, liberal West.

Our actions just make recruitment a lot easier, and we give them the media attention they want. Western media basically acts like the PR wing of ISIL.


I think that post is absolutely spot on @Jules