European Super League

The state of this league if 61 - 30 points doesn’t get you relegated :facepalm:. In most other seasons I’m sure it would have.

65 points is enough to escape relegation in most seasons.

Starting with -30 is totally different from everyone starting from 0.
It is hell out of amount of pressure.

I don’t think they will be relegated but may lose the European spots.

Are there going too be any PL sanctions?

They won’t care as they will have ESL

The gimmick of the ESL may not last as much as most people think about.

All it means is if they do sign for a breakaway league is they’ll create a Super Premier League and dump the PL or ask the PL to remove the fines/point deductions.

The PL can’t survive without the Big 6


The ESL idea was all about money, and the clubs involved were rightfully lambasted about it.

Isn’t it so fitting that they’ve decided to smooth it over…by paying £22m towards the “good of the game”?

“You selfish cunts were going to fuck us all over because of money and stuff. But saying that, it might help if you gave us some money to say you’re sorry about the whole thing. But you’re still cunts because of money and stuff. You greedy bastards. We will accept this money but let it be known for the record that morally we aren’t happy. But seriously, thanks for the £22m.”


So true :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

The PL/FA are the most corrupt kants in the game :+1: