European Super League

According to the latest round of Football Leaks, the following 16 clubs are in secret negotiations to form a European Super League.

Today, in November 2018, the Super League idea appears to have fresh impetus: According to the draft of a confidential term sheet that Real Madrid received just a few days ago from a consulting firm, 16 top clubs are to sign a document to establish such a league. According to the document, the league would begin operating in the 2021 season. One of the 16 clubs named in the document is FC Bayern Munich.

Ngl feel good knowing Arsenal automatic candidates in any European superleague


But there’s one thing they never talk about: the fans. About the people who made this sport great. What does a league like this, with matches being televised around the world, do with the spectators?

Here’s why I don’t like the idea. But that will mean fuck all in the end if it’s to happen.


Won’t happen but if it did I’d stop following straight away.


All the games will be played in the USA of course

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After thinking what @sevchenko said, I then thought what you said.

Can’t swear I’d follow through, but I’d seriously think about fucking Arsenal off.

And Spurs aren’t in it either :arteta: (even if it is a made up list)

It’s easier said that done but it would kill the sport for me. Not only do the logistics not make sense but we would in theory not have the NLD any more alongside other traditional fixtures.

Without wanting to exaggerate it would kill the sport for me, I couldn’t think of a more commercial venture if I tried.



The attorney goes on to say that the Super League is “quite a different possibility.” It would involve “brands” playing against each other, leading to a new level of commercialization in football

In this proposed deal what would happen to the domestic league’s ?

They’d be left to the peasants. :neutral_face:

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Interesting question tbh

In England the TV money would dry up without the biggest brands then the Sponsorship money, as a result wages and transfer fees decline, clubs become more reliant on domestic players and academies but the League’s best talents would be a farm for the Euro Superleague clubs

You’d essentially get the SPL


Yeah absolutely would ruin football this, just leave it as it is now. The game has been ruined enough as it is by sugar daddy owners.

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Good. As I suspected it was made up nonsense

Sorry but now that Stan has full ownership, I don’t think he dismisses a Euro SuperLeague at all

Who is to say this superleague is nothing but bullshit anyway there is nothing out there of any substance to suggest this is happening apart from this so called list which could be easily fabricated and falsified to get people’s backs up. I think it is all a crock of shit imho.

You need to actually read the article posted if you think this is at all fabricated.

The clubs are colluding and have been for years. Whether that ever leads to a breakaway league is another matter entirely.

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Its a realistic idea that gets closer by the year. Imo the current format of the Champions League has been one of the reasons for this. Id go as far too say it was one of the reasons for introducing it.
Also think some of these friendlies in the states are part of a subtext to it all.
Letting my conspiracy theory run on a bit more and id include the push for the winter break as well.
The next paydeal with the tv companies is going to test my resolve with the game. This so called ask of the big 6 for more money does not sit well with me and im unsure how it leaves the league in general.

Why would a 16 team league be more profitable than a 38 game domestic campaign + champions league? Doesn’t make much sense to me. The more matches the more money right? A lot of these teams end up playing like 50+ games per year when u factor in cups. Don’t think it sounds like a good plan tbh.