European Super League


We’ve been hearing rumours of this for nearly two decades. Can’t see it happening tbh.


Well it’s premised on the TV and sponsorship money going where the big teams are and leaving the domestic leagues and European competitions with much, much less money. I think that it’s pretty much a given exactly that would happen. Over time at least if not right away.

After that it’s about shares. So you have equal share of tv money now in most leagues. But usually among 18-20 teams. Only the founder teams would have that guarantee here so you have the larger pool than any team currently share today and it would now be shared by less teams. That’s probably even more pronounced with the European tv and sponsorship money which gets shared out among about 300 clubs albeit that’s not equal.

Less games in a season would also mean they could do plenty more bullshit tours in Asia and the US etc too.


All the other stuff aside, why the fuck would we want to be a part of something that would be almost impossible to win, its the premier league on steroids. I’m sure top teams would soon get sick of not finishing in the top of the league.


We would end up being like the Tottenham of this superleague, constantly being the whipping boys and being shit. that’ll get old quickly, as it will for the fans of other clubs who are used to winning on the regular but can’t because now only 1 team will win. Fans have enough to put up with as it is, and I cant see this being profitable long-term

Any breakaway will not last imo.




It clearly is not a fiction. It has been discussed at the highest level for 20+ years and it will be discussed again when those 230 clubs that fuck supposes to represent (or, let’s be honest, a much smaller subset) feel they want a bit more of the pie.


Trojan horse used to bring a more garnished cover up for the rich clubs to make more money. Clever PR soundbite for us the plebs to swallow up.


Agree, it’s definitely not fiction.

The other top clubs in the top leagues aren’t happy with the PL monopoly. They want in and this is their way of getting a piece of the pie, how else are they going to get more revenue money from TV streams

There’s no real reason for the top PL clubs to rush into a superleague format, I think it’s pretty obvious the continental team want it more than we do and a super league without the top PL teams isn’t going to attract the audiences or the money IMHO.


The PL will never join this notion unless they are offered the biggest slice of the cake. Literally have no reason to.


This sounds a bit like phase one/ testing the waters? :thinking:


There saying cause their is two domestic Cups in England they are 10 more games than say Germany.

League Cup is shit tbh. Wouldn’t mind it axed for more European game’s


Where do you need more European games though ? I think the current amount / criteria for both European comps works as is.



Tbh my phone is doing it automatically and I cba fixing it as its just OA haha


The Europa league should be completely reworked tbh


Europa League and Champions League should just be one massive knockout competition. Axe the group stage but it’ll never happen :disappointed:


Yeah, I’m a bit suspicious. They use the England 2nd cup as an example while using the blanket statement 'more Europe, means less domestic."


Need? Not sure we do, but this is where it’s going.

A new third European competition with 32 teams will be rubber-stamped at a Uefa meeting in Dublin early next month.


Seems like another half-baked idea tbh. Agnelli and co don’t really know what they want, as long as they can make more money and commercial the sport to an even greater extent.

In regards to revamping the Europa League, what did people make of the old Cup Winners Cup? I wasn’t around when it was still going so can’t make a judgement on it, but from what I’ve read it seemed a fairly reputable tournament?