Euro 2020

Makes sense imo.

We have the infrastructure and facilitates to accommodate and isolate every team.

UK and Ireland should have hosted an international tournament ages ago tbh

Said to my mates that this might be the only way these fuckers will let us host another international tournament :grin:

Its overdue imo


Can’t wait to shithouse England 1-0 in their own back yard because see Southgate respects fucking ENFIELD more than Cobham or Hale End :ozil:


I swear to god if I have to watch this game in my bastard house myself I will be mad lol

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I was so looking forward to a euros all across the continent, and of course England vs Scotland with a full crowd. Looks as if that’s going to be impossible now :frowning:

I was never expecting a full crowd I just want to watch it with my mates with a pint.

Not asking much cmon :joy:

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That should be fine to be honest, if the pubs are not open by June something would’ve have gone really wrong haha

But still it won’t be the same without the stadium full of Scots and English :sob:

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Respective governments saying its to early to decide and UEFA want an answer so looking likely both lose hosting status

UEFA clowns insisting on fans.


We actually got UEFA putting pressure on for countries to change policy on health for the sake of football matches.
Fucking pathetic. Absolute farce of a tournament this is going too be. Still those television contracts eh. If we can just squeeze a few more quid with a few thousand fans more.


So does the finals work the same as last time ? 12 teams that finish top 2 + 4 best 3rd placed finishes in the knockout stages ? Rewards mediocrity but as we know it’s all about more matches and increasing revenue.

Great news

Fan zone being decided if allowed at the end of this month. Cmon :pray::pray::pray:

Donnarumma - 22
Meret - 23

Calabria - 24
Romagnoli - 26
Bastoni - 21
Pellegrini - 22

Tonali - 20
Barella - 24
Verratti - 28
Zaniolo - 21
Castrovilli - 24

Belotti - 27
Kean - 21
Berardi - 26

Lot of youthful quality in Italy. They will be dark horses as always. Don’t think they ever enter international tournaments with any kind of favourites tag but there’s a lot of quality in that squad.


No love for Chiesa?


The obvious one I missed out

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Seems like most stadiums are gonna have 25-50% capacity

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Anyone got tickets?