Euro 2020

Group A: England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo
Group B: Portugal, Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania, Luxembourg
Group C: Holland, Germany,Northern Ireland, Estonia, Belaurs
Group D: Switzerland, Denmark,Ireland, Georgia, Gibraltar
Group E: Croatia, Wales, Sloavkia, Hungary, Azerbaijan
Group F: Spain, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Far Oer, Malta
Group G: Poland, Austria, Israel, Slovenia, Macedonia, Latvia
Group H: France, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, Moldova, Andorra
Group I: Belgium, Russia, Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, San Marino
Group J: Italy, Bosnia, Finland, Greece, Armenia, Liechtenstein

Such an easy group for us. Should walk it :kroenke:

Ah so Holland, England, Portugal and Switzerland get to have 5 team groups because we’re important and already have the Nations League finals to play? Or is that just a coincidence?

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No, it’s exactly how you said it. 5-team group because of the Nations League.

England’s group would have been tough in the mid 90s.


Poor Northern Ireland :joy:

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@Calum if it’s still 3 teams to qualify we should go through right?

An easier view

3 teams? 2 :bellerin:. Scotland try to cheat their way out of the group.

You are gonna finish 2nd though, as you aren’t worse than Putin’s team.

Nah man, not when they’re on the juice

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I have no clue. we should get 18 points against the three bottom teams and something off Russia to get 2nd

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Decent piss up locations


You got a ‘Northern Cunts’ team in your group. :xhaka2::unai:

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Wee nation :kroenke:

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Was gonna watch the match tonight and I just seen its a 3pm KO ffs! :joy:


Only wee nations play at this time :kos2:

Yeah, they’ll be gutted. They could have doubled their audience if Calum was able to watch :smile:


Excited for a new Oranje era. We’re back. Van Dijk, De Ligt, De Jong. We got this @SDGooner @Forever

Cockiness @Luca_from_Italy :kos2:


I’d say we should win the group, but I have no idea what the current state of the German squad is.

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Always like Holland for girls and weed :mustafi:.

The usual from a cocky English I see