Euro 2020

It’s across Europe, was meant to be the same last summer too.

Think it’s about 12 countries in total with the semi finals and final at Wembley

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Ah my bad dunno why I thought that. ( think it’s because I had a workmate that was meant to be in Italy and he had tickets to game).

Anyways wherever it takes place hopefully the winner this time manages to win a game in the group stage :sunglasses:.


We’ll beat England at Wembley on our way to winning it so don’t worry about that

Ruud Gullit knew in 2004 :eyes:


Need Luca’s ban revoked for a few weeks when the Euro Finals are on in the summer.


For some reason you don’t hate and despise many of your fellow countrymen like we Englishmen do.

Superb haha

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His club form is going to be amazing

Whilst I like the idea of the tournament being held across multiple nations it makes sense to move this to a single host country, especially if there is to be any hope of having fans.


It does seem a stupid idea anyway tbh. Even before corona fans having to travel to numerous different countries for the one tournament.


International tournament have become fan fests and without them pointless.

What is the point in international competitions if the cameramen and producers can’t find the fittest girls in the audience and train the camera on them every time there’s a break in play?!


Twickenham :white_check_mark:

Wembley next :wink:

Thought this was a great video don’t see why England hosting the majority of games with Wales and Scotland picking up the rest could not work. I think it would be great


Catastrophic decision lol


I think they are going to get sued into oblivion over this if it goes ahead.

I’m not sure why it can’t go ahead?

Every other football competition has survived the pandemic lol

I’m really looking forward to it.

Assuming no governments block travel between the participating nations then I don’t think they move it to just one host. There must be a myriad of logistics and existing arrangements in place that would be difficult to chnage now

I can’t see how we are gonna go from full lockdown to hosting an international tournament in a matter of a few months. Absolute bullshit.

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I meant if it goes ahead in just England.

Which is why I think it won’t go ahead at all in 2021. If they try move it FAs will take cases cos what happens to all the money they were due. Gonna be interesting.

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