Euro 2020

Big Dave nightmare ?

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Owen and Cole the only two of the so called golden generation who played to their maximum potential in tournaments.

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Was that when Ronaldinho did Seaman?


Have to say I’m a bit gutted another fucking club break is coming up. They seem to happen more often now ffs

I remember watching the second half of that at school. Had a crappy projector out and everything just for everyone to see Seaman get lobbed from 30 yards :pensive:


It was hard to cheer an England goal at like 7.32am.

Can hardly tell your head from your arse at that time of morning

This is great :raised_hands:

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Scottish Clinical Director was on radio Scotland this afternoon and he’s very confident fans will be in Hampden next summer. He can’t guarantee it will be a full Hampden tho.

It was the same in my school, I remember everyone having to sit down in our school assembly hall to watch the match on a big projector. It was primary school where we had to watch either cross-legged on the hard floor or huddled on benches for the whole match - as if losing wasn’t torture enough!

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San Marino went two games without losing?

You pair are too young.

Get aaht.

There are people at uni now born after 9/11, that makes me feel old trust me :grin:



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Never forget


This group is madness, wouldn’t wanna predict this at all haha

Tbh I’m having a hard time getting motivated for arsenal again lol after such a high on Thursday my greatest memory in football so far.

I’ll be fine and looking forward to it again come the weekend but this has been such a welcome break after that horror show last Sunday against Villa.

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So the European finals aren’t in Italy anymore ?

They never were?