First time I’ve seen someone from the media turn

Since the PL started, only Shearer and Gerrard come close.

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I agree, but that’s what they will do anyway :slight_smile:

In general




Give it Sean Dyche

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Southgate is a typical England manager.
He’s a boring, uncontroversial yes man and looks good in a blazer.
It was probably the waistcoat and blazer ensemble that clinched it at his job interview.

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Taken us to a semi and a final back to back. I’d be very pleased if that’s what a typical England manager did, but the rest of my lifetime suggests otherwise.


Hahaha just seen the score, relegated to the B division in the international tinpot cup!

Can’t wait to Kane penfest our way to the WC QF.

Which had the better collection of talent? 2004 - 2008 England squad or 2018 - 2022

The earlier one for me but the recent one has lesser opposition to overcome.


2004 on paper is 11 good players but I think now is the best we’ve had in relation to the rest of the world and we can actually play good players in their positions. No Gerrard/Lampard CM duos or Gerrard on the wing nonsense.

Even with the good teams we had before on paper, we were always complaining that we couldn’t play like the other good teams and we couldn’t keep the ball.

Last night looking at Grealish come on you could see his class and then Foden and Bellingham trying to play too.

Kane, Grealish, Saka, Foden, Bellingham, Rice, Shaw, White, Ramsdale, Walker, Stones etc. - there’s a good footballing team in there somewhere capable of outplaying teams, but we can barely get enough players in the opposing half for attacks. I think a fullback got down the wing and did something twice? That’s not how good teams play.

I don’t think this team misses a Gerrard, Lampard or Rooney even if on paper they’re better individuals than now. The biggest gap for me is the level of the CBs and LB. But even then those teams were often lacking in several positions too (LW, RB, CM/DM, and GK not great in either period)


Yeah, definitely what Stroller said, can’t really argue it even if part of me kind of wants to lol

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Saving all the goals for Qatar

The amount of goals and chances Kane misses out on without Arnold in the team is ridiculous. Ends up playing too deep and has tired in each tournament.

Give it Giggsy

The number of world class footballing super stars in the England team from like 2002-2008 is actually fucking nuts.

So much quality, but too much overlap in positions and too many big egos.

This England team is a better team but probably slightly less talented.

Mount, Phillips and Henderson really don’t compare to Lampard, Scholes and Gerrard individually but in a team they work much better.