So after the usual crap in the Euros, Hodgson is now gone and the hunt for a new coach begins.

And it makes fairly grim reading of those who are linked to the job.

Sam Allardyce has emerged as a strong contender, as has…wait for it…

Steve Bruce :arteta: :see_no_evil:

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Honestly, if it has to be an English manager Allardyce isn’t the worst of all candidates. I’d say he is even a rather solid pick that can definitely get more done than Hodgson. Truth is there are just not many English managers at the top level. You’d have a hard time finding a dozen that are somewhat decent and it’s impossible to find one that is considered to be more than that.

As England has quite a good technical side now, Allardayce would waste all “their talent”.

Eh, it’s not like it was being utilised anyway.

Whether the media or fans like it or not England need to forget about putting on a performance and just go out and grind results at major tournaments. Sam will oversee a team that’s difficult to beat, thats for sure.

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Fair point, but trying to go back to an old style of play it is more difficult now.

Honestly, I fail to see that technical side in this England team, at least when looking back at the WC and the Euros. The potential is there, but they’re still a bit off of making consistent use of the quality they have. Maybe next tournament or the one after, but for the time being I don’t think there’s really so much to disrupt with a new manager coming in. If done right it can only become better.

So you do agree with me to an extent. They can’t go back to an old style of football, as they would waste many years of work.

I don’t think Allardyce would take them back to the stone-age in all honesty, so I don’t share your concern.

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England need to grow a team from the u21s and if that means top young talent like Rashford waiting for full international football so be it.
Alladyce would bring an honesty back to England and the players at his disposal would not be able to play Sunderland style football.
He’d have talent and would be able to express himself in a better light for me. You’d get a less pretentious English style of football that fans would find easier to accept.

I’d love Allardyce to come in and be Allardyce. He’s the sort of coach that could get us playing something like Italy. Tight but not hopeless.

Unfortunately there will always be “we should be playing passing football” which will compromise him, though I think he’s more than a long ball merchant.


I am not saying that, but i think they should try a more modern manager.

Only the English see it tbh.

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Given that Joe Hart is 1) unlikely to play for city anytime soon and 2) unlikely to leave city anytime soon who would people like to see become the new England number one?

Butland and by merit too, he’s the better keeper imo.


Options in midfield are depressing.


This is why Allardyce will be no different. He is still persisting with Wayne Rooney.


I truly believe he has no option, Rooney must be picked and played whenever he’s available. I expect Big Sam to play him in midfield too.

Only England player I’m interested in following right now is John Stones. The rest of the squad seems pretty disappointing to me.

Allardyce will never be revolutionary, he does a good job with fairly average teams, so he’s perfect for us. The FA can talk all they want about grassroots football and creating a philosophy but they are never prepared to take risks at the highest level.

Still feel a developing Sterling is key to an entertaing England future.
Not sure why Jageilka still around though.


Good point, he’ll be almost 36 at the next tournament.