Emiliano Buendia

And my point was that Darkseid’s example of Maguire going to Leicester was a good example, because United then bought him for 80m. So in that case, United could have picked him up for peanuts. Which is what Darkseid was getting at when listed players like Maguire and VVD and said that big teams not being interested in a player when they make a move to a middling side isn’t necessarily an indicator of their quality.

It wasn’t pedantic of me to join in the conversation to say that Maguire, along with VVD as you conceded, was a good example. If it is pedantic for me to disagree with you on that point, why isn’t it pedantic of you to pick holes in the examples he gave to support his point?

Pedantic here seems to be synonymous with you not liking me disagreeing with you.