Emiliano Buendia


Cheekily ignoring that Buendia plays in Championship. :eyes:
Anyway, he was putting out similar numbers last season in the PL too.


I need convincing on this. Joining a ready made club as a project player is one thing. Joining a club like us in transformation as key player is another.

Not uncommon though. There’s always gonna be a risk with these moves.

No idea if this guy is connected.

The reply below. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Now I’m sad.

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Nice thread about Buendia I’ve read today.
Captures a lot of the key points that make Buendia a wishlist target for many.

His cv is basically the same as Pablo Mari, he got his age speaking in his favour. Unlike Pablo. I reckon he’ll has some convincing to do. Or the rest of football really has to be blind.


He definitely looks like a nifty player. I haven’t seen him play much but one thing I’ve noted from his Youtube comps is that he is fairly two footed. I’ve seen a number of examples of him playing long passes over the top or other trickier passing actions with his left foot, which a lot of midfielders just don’t have the confidence or ability to do.

But I really don’t see why Norwich would sell him in January unless we offer stupid money. What is the advantage in doing that rather than riding him to promotion and then selling him over the summer? I can’t really think of any rationale other than the club facing a really severe short term cash crunch and I haven’t seen any actual news stories suggesting that to be the case.

Player would probably have to agitate in major way, otherwise yeah I don’t see a promotion-bound team risk falling out of contention… would be cutting their nose off to spite their face… promotion is worth 30 million or so at least, right?

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I like Buendia based on what I’ve seen from him and his stats in the PL were very good and the concrete interest we have is encouraging.

His profile and technical abilities are the type of target I like, but Norwich are in a strong position to ask for what they like.

I think this may only get done in January if its a cash + player deal. Saw rumours of Nelson/Willock going on a loan the other way, and I would be all over that if it’s a feasible deal.

I don’t want to lose Nelson permanently, and Willock… maybe. But if its pure cash we will no doubt over-pay. Don’t think we have the luxury like other clubs to do that.

John Cross has spoken. Is anyone listening though?

John Cross with his guesswork once again.
Pretty desperate. Literally copying what he’s seeing online and puts his own spin on it. :rofl:
The fool even mentioned Draxler.

What upside is there for Norwich in selling their coveted midfielder in January when they can demand the same fee for him in the summer anyway?

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His head turning midway through the season.
He wanted to leave last summer too and that did cause some issues for them then. He was omitted a few times from the squad until his situation cleared up.
Also, naturally more players will be made available this summer, which means more alternatives to Buendia.
The potential buyers won’t be as desperate and may not budge to their demands. Buendia may not find the potential suitors good enough for him either.

It all depends on whether Norwich can afford missing out on getting a solid fee now and also keep Buendia happy so that it doesn’t backfire on them.

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Looks like our outgoings will be finalized soon so… Emi, wanna ball at the Emirates?

None for Norwich but everything for Emi. Look at the Aouar thing, that shit was done and dusted after it fell through we didn’t go back for him and now the bridges are burnt between he and his club. Norwich could hold his big move back if they really want to, guess it depends on how badly Emi wants out.

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Not sure if this has been posted before or not.


The big story that has been talked about this week is Arsenal’s interest in Norwich City’s Emi Buendia, a player that the club have scouted for more than 18 months. Arsenal admired Buendia’s talent in the Premier League last season and have continued to monitor his progress in the Championship, where he has created more chances than any player in one of Europe’s top five leagues. Prising him away from Norwich’s promotion bid would come at a cost, however, and Arsenal are not thought to be willing to meet Norwich’s reported £40 million asking price.

Arsenal are also unwilling to include homegrown talents such as Reiss Nelson or Joe Willock in a part-exchange deal. The only chance of those players leaving north London this month would be on loan, with Arsenal’s aim for the transfer window to trim their squad and allow their fringe players to get game time and develop elsewhere.

Arsenal are willing to wait to ensure they sign the right player and avoid making the same recruitment mistakes of the past. This means that a deal for Buendia, or an alternative, could rumble on until the end of the window, or possibly until summer.

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