eFootball (PES)

This looks so bad


Hope we leave our partnership with Konami and go back to EA now

What the fuck are those LIDL lower thirds?

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The graphics do look really disappointing to be fair. Especially how they hyped the Unreal Engine move. Surely Master League will be available to buy it’d be mad to give up their staple offline mode completely. They haven’t officially declared it’s gone yet it’s being revealed in August from what I read online.

Cross play with mobile by the winter.


What we have witnessed here today is unforgivable. Disgusting from Konami, they have outdone themselves with their worst reveal ever, a new money grabbing entity they call e-football that was little to no resemblance to PES. You should be angry and disgusted. Recap in thread.

Lets recap on the reveal, its horrific tbh

  • PES as we know it has been gutted and rebranded into a fortnite like loot box abomination.
  • PES has been ported DOWN on ALL platforms gameplay and graphics wise to make it at home in the mobile gaming eco system, a mobile cannot handle the game mechanics a console has or cannot process the tactical and 11 vs 11 calculations a console would to make PES seem something like a game of football, mobiles simply don’t have the processing power to do this, on next gen we are getting a re-skinned mobile port with limited gameplay mechanics so mobile phones users can brag about beating a PS5 user.
  • Offline modes gone. Is this a joke?
  • The game at launch is free with 9 club. Seriously wtf, 9 clubs? no video game with any quality is free. Incredibly stupid from Konami.
  • Modes will be rolled out as the year progresses. Remember when we used to complain about transfer not being sorted weeks after the game launched? Well now we will be asking in December where is Master league, is it coming back ever? Are any offline leagues going to be playable ever again? and given how slowly Konami updated transfers don’t expect any add ons to roll out quickly or smoothly.
  • The in game banners and new menu colors are extremely ugly.

Konami made promises. The promised us a new gaming engine and that they were taking two years out to develop PES2022 to make it the best ever. This was a lie. They took two years to make a pay as you play, or pay to win title that is cross platform and nothing to do with football but everything to do with money.

Quite simply they have focused their energy on profit and not the games, how to get as many people playing and paying for DLC.

I had really high hopes for PES2022, new engine, two year development cycle but I could not have predicted this. I was expected at least an attempt at making a proper next gen game with a new engine and graphics. This is something else, this is corporate greed. Its like they fired the head of development and replaced him with a money man.

PES is gone and e-football is here. After seeing the reveal I would kill for one of their usual run of the mill terrible reveals but this is something different. They have sold the soul of the old game and what it might have been.

PES is literally dead now, they have created something new that is not focused on the fans or gameplay. Its a cash grab. You have every right to be angry about this.


If that’s all correct that’s obviously disappointing to many but from Konami’s shoes they’ve been getting absolutely hammered by EA every single year. They see EA sat on this gold mine of Ultimate Team and end of the day that’s the catch they’re after. Building a credible simulation just never worked out in terms of sales.

If this blows up like they’re hoping it does then any hopes for next gen tier football games will begin to die out especially if EA go the same route.

Confirmation of Master League being introduced as DLC.

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This sounds like the company that made a massive amazing MGS3 remastered trailer, for a pachinko game of all things.

Look at this. For some fucking slots.

Konami will never see heaven.

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Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 15.32.50


Knew it. They can’t abandon their main offline staple completely when they need to maintain their loyal base as a bare minimum. This should have been announced in their reveal and it’s pretty disrespectful that it wasn’t.

Thing that’s most worrying about this is what the gameplay and graphics will be like given they want mobile vs next gen console matches.


It’s going to be horrific. Their mobile app is a huge success, they want to use it to create one big fanbase. Going to feel so cheated when you play with awful graphics on a brand new PS5 or Xbox. Not only graphics but a lot of gameplay will be ‘simplified’ as well.

Really worried.

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Really Master League will be sold as optional DLC :rofl: :rofl: and i thought last years Fifa was the worst game of all time , I have lost my interest in PES or rather eFootball. There’s no way I’d buy FIFA 22 after last year. So only football game I’m getting this year is Football Manager.

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@Gio these colors and font choice. Baffling.


Football is just finished in every way. Ruined by capitalists and money-grubbers.

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Gutted. :disappointed_relieved:

Like a really badly thought out OA away days theme. OA away days with max contrast and max jpeg artefacting.

Their font in 2020 was clean and simple. Keep it to that. Did the job, smooth and sharp. Don’t need a fucking military stencil mixed with some shit heavy weight font.

Nah man this is honestly such a disaster.

They spent 2 years developing, skipping PES 2021, for this?!



This was always inevitable for football games though. Not going to knock it til I see it.

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