eFootball (PES)

Get your asses online. PES22 open beta is up for download now.

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You guys got a ps5? I’m not arsed for one til it’s cheaper, even if that’s a couple years…

Ps4 user here.

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Same yeah, it’s still a solid as hell console

Fuck yeah.

PS5 and Series X user here. Flex flex flex

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Sorry rich boy I’ve already splashed all my cash on escorts so gotta slum it with the PS4 / xbox one.

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You’re the one raking it in the stonks my man :champagne::sweat_smile::eyes::facepunch:t3:

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I recently got the Series S. Decent step up in specs from the xbox one and about half the price of an X in some places. I really like the all digital thing.

Is the Series S the one you can’t play in 4K on? That’s the only thing putting me off the Series S

Booted it up a while ago. Couldn’t find a match online ffs. :rofl:
I just gave up. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Yeah, it doesn’t bother me because a) I’m not really sure what 4K is and b) I doubt my tv is of a spec to do it justice.

I was trying to play some FIFA16 on my Xbox 360 recently and it’s just too sad. Need to upgrade my machine and get back into the glorious PES

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You won’t regret it!

I’m not really bothered about a particular brand and it’s probably only something I’d use a couple hours a week. I’m thinking PS4/Xbox S would do so if I could manage to get one of them with PES included I’d be laughing. But I literally haven’t been into a GameStop or similar in like 5 years :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

PS4 + PES should be fairly cheap. See if you can get a PS4 Pro though, not Slim.

No idea about Xbox as I’ve never had one.

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Get a Playstation as it allows to you to import an Option file for PES to make all the teams kits and badges authentic.
Xbox has restrictions on the option files!


Yep then you can have all my shite Arsenal kits in your game


I still can’t find a match. Fuck this beta.

Don’t bother. It’s an awful awful experience.

There’s a reason they didn’t publicise it too much.

This is a very early build of the game, to test the online servers.

Nowhere near ready for even the demo level.

It would be unfair to judge the game based on this build.