Eduardo Camavinga

Just tried to sign him for my new Arsenal save (Now with added Trossard) in FM23.

Real want a monthly fee of £1.5m, 100% of £130k pw wages and a mandatory future fee of £45m plus £12m if we win the FA Cup for…er…reasons.

Anyway, apart from that last bit, if that turns out to be what RM demand, I’d bite their arms off.

Let’s all pray to Odegod that this happens.

Fuck Alex Crooks.

He’s a typical Man Utd supporting entitled cunt who’s still living in the past when United were the top dogs, and loves looking down on other teams, especially us.

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Dream is dead.

Makes absolutely zero sense to come to a loan to Arsenal. He would get even less minutes here than at Real atm, considering Xhaka’s form this season.

I’m getting fed up of all the argie bhaji about whether Rice is world class.

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I’m prepared for Edu to play the long grain when it comes to midfield, but I’m disappointed we can’t jollof a signing like Camavinga.

We’ll be hearing this argument Tilda cows come home.

Edit: I couldn’t figure out how to use basmati as a pun, so went with a brand (not sure if it counts).


I’ll be having a word with your Uncle Ben about your poor puns

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Shut it you basmatard

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I was wondering how someone was going to attempt to cram that into a pun.

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I didn’t want to go there.

Now we’ll have all the usual suspects joining the discussion, with 100+ post arguing its negative connotations.

No they won’t. You’re just trying to go against the grain…


Very well done. A ‘Pat’ on the back for you sir!

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I’m already here and ready to argue.

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Whats the deal with Uncle Ben?

His death was detrimental to Peter.


Took me a few seconds :rofl::clap:

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Camavinga said: “You know what? Let me fuck with them a little. :smiling_imp:


I swear to god, mystic Sham

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It’s back on!