Eduardo Camavinga


For what is worth, when I translated said “other clubs” instead of “any other club” which makes more sense.

Please Stepping Stone FC




Is Camavinga one of those Mbappe level talents that you just can’t fail with?

What I want to know is if we spend £75m on him, will we still make money on him if we sell in 2-3 years time?

No issue with buying players like that at all. Usually they are within grasp of the top 2 or 3 clubs in Europe at the time, or the oil clubs.

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Well, he is a generational talent, yes.
He won’t cost that much either. He has a year left in his contract and reports from France say he is not renewing with Rennais.
I don’t think we’ll have too much competition either as most teams are focusing on other positions and profiles, or they don’t have enough funds to make a good enough offer.

Go on guys get hyped about signing this dude like y’all did with Mbappe.

It’s more likely than Grealish tbf.

He will go Bayern.

If not then United. But If I gambled I’d put money on Bayern

Big risk for him though. Kimmich, Goretzka, Muller are all ahead of him.
They also signed Marc Roca last summer, I assume he will get more games in the next season.
Man Utd is a good shout. They definitely need to refresh their choices in the pivot.
Are they willing to take a risk on him though?
They’re the closest to City. They have to build on that by adding known quality in the positions they lack.

He’s not ready to start for a big club yet. Where as Mbappe was. He won’t goto a big club yet unless he wants to take the loan route.

Patino is better anyway, right?

Looks like this guy is available for 27m. We should of been all over this, instead we offer Xhaka a new contract

Throw 35m pounds at them

Priced him out of a move last summer and now they’ll lose him on a free. Nobody is going to pay €35m for someone so young that is available for a free in the summer next year.

Simple move to sign him next summer

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This is great, we can get him on loan in a couple of years time.


It’s done