Eduardo Camavinga

Naaaaaahhh fam

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I can’t believe I refuse to believe after the hurt we suffered I can’t do it

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Kaila was wrong.

I am shocked


Worried about another Odegaard lol

Johnathan Barnett (Gareth Bale’s agent) is an Arsenal fan. Joshua Barnett is the person Fabrizio cited as Camavinga’s agent works for the same agency.

The Barnett’s are likely related to each other and it wouldn’t surprise me if they have their own box at the Emirates.

Fat lot of good that did us when he helped Cole move to Chelsea lol


Missed the match but Camavinga started the game yesterday and was apparently one of the best players in the game. Ancelotti was very complementary about his performance as well.
Would be ludicrous for Madrid to move him on given their current situation.