Edu Gaspar

I do hope Edu comng in changes our fortunes, just like it was supposed to with Scen and various other guys but I just dont see it.

Why the fuck are we being run like complete shit???

The decision making at this club is disgusting.

Stupid cunts


Garbage clickbait

Benge is a hack and Football.London is shite

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Guy is enthusiastic to start dream job. Great.

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He flew to London from Rio so he could fly to America? Edu clearly gives no fuck about the environment :joy:


Red flags already.

What kind of moron flies from Rio to London to LA instead of Rio to LA?

As @Calum said.

Maybe he was bringing some stuff over for his office.

Also flying for these guys isn’t the same as flying is for us mere comonfolk.

he’s clearly working the frequent flyer angle…

Clearly he’s got a arsenal buisness card to wack that kind of flight on

Imagine if Martinelli becomes the next CR7 and Soares comes here and is consistently as good as he was in copa :giroud3: then I’m naming my firstborn Eduardo, if it’s a girl it’s her problem/I was making a political statement.

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They’re both Brazilian, either they both leave after a couple of poor seasons or they get sent on loan for 10 years to 25 different teams :rofl:

Gabriel Jesus, Gilberto etc say hello.

Wellington Silva says eat shit

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I tell Wellington to fuck his whore mother!

Denilson is already doing that.


Me too :joy::joy:

Him and Andre Santos tag teaming his mum :eyes:

And Bebé is watching through the window.