Edu Gaspar

So long as it means we don’t have people like Gazidis making football decisions ever again then I’m all for this.


If I am not mistaken Edu is close to David Dein. If he is half the man Dein is, then welcome aboard.


Saw the headline and wondered if this was just a case of offering a job to an ex-player, but from that report it seems like he’s being offered a job on merit, so I can definitely get behind this

I hope he accepts.

Has Pires been offered a job yet?

I’m not going to pretend to know his business background but we really should have more ex-players involved with the team. Real, Barca, Bayern and Juventus all have former players heavily involved.

It’s a good way to link the past to the future and if you’re more of a cynic, it’s a good way to tap players up when it comes to transfers. :bellend:

Ask @JakeyBoy

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I don’t know.
But Pires has the tools to become an Emirates legend on the training ground.

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Wouldn’t that make Sanhelli completely obsolete though?

I offered Pires a couple of jobs when I met him :henry2:


Might be similar to how Juventus had it in that they had Paratici and Marotta working with each other. Just a guess though.

I feel like there would be a bit too much overlap between Sanhelli and Edu and managing director and DoF :sweat_smile:.

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You could be right but I’m all for an ex-Arsenal player with good connections in Brazil being given a chance to exert some influence at Arsenal.


Smells like a glamour appointment tbh

I guess if it looks like we’re bringing in more “football people” and likable ex arsenal players into executive positions that will be enough to placate the fans.

As for Edu himself, his experince is interesting but not really nessesary at Arsenal. We dont deal in Brazil talent to make his appointment worthwhile. Raul is enough

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Rosicky next, please.

I knew you’d say that :arteta:


still hope for Benayoun to come back after all

Our resident professional cynic.

If you’re excited sev will be along shortly to shit all over your good vibes! :stuck_out_tongue: