Edu Gaspar

his dad is embarrassing him trying to hang out with him when he just wants to get on with things.

Glass of water there → Jesus looking to convert it into wine → Jesus the one who took the picture :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jesus is dead
Just saying


Seeing these videos of Edu welcoming Vieira etc… The guy gives off a vibe as if he’s running his own pub/restaurant/club… :arteta: You have to love it! :arteta:

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Actually, he has risen.


Fabio is special because… he likes to close to the final third… he likes to play in the pocket…

Well, good job Edu. These characteristics are REALLY special.

Ehhhh. My associates and I feel somewhat differently about that.


While Viera may turn out good it seems it maybe at the expense of someone like a Tielemans where our interest is allegedly cooling and still no news on a new striker,

Definitely no cigars and no bbq are deserved yet as far as I can see.

Hopefully they’ll be more significant positive news soon.

Take no prisoners!

You guys going to start accepting we’ve got a high quality director now who, along with the manager and the scouting / analytics departments, is constructing a very good squad

Look at the squad he inherited and compare it to the one at the end of the window and maybe it’ll teach a few people to have some balance when they talk about the direction the club is going in


Easy there, let’s succeed first.


Lets not go too far. Buying known quantities at or above market rates isnt impressive work just basic competence.

Outgoings aren’t impressive either


Edu job is to construct a good squad and he’s doing that. Whether Arteta succeeds or not there is no doubt the next manager inherits a much better squad than the one Edu came into


Night and day from after Saneli.

Remember he was called the don :partey: :partey:

What an embarrassing moment in the history of this great forum



Tomiyasu wasn’t a known quantity. Nobody was pining for Ramsdale. Odegaard at £30m is great business. Gabriel was superb business at under £30m

Vieira out of nowhere, beating Chelsea and Spurs to Jesus and potentially Raphina is also very good business.

Everyone in football is known to every club now, there are no secrets but he’s doing a very good job


Not going to stop you from believing in the current construction of the squad. But I will say ‘Don Raul’ wasn’t long ago. Most were lapping up his shite for blowing our wallet too.


Short term sacrifices for long term results.
Arteta or not in the future, we’re stacked with hungry players that any manager would love to work with and if needed can be sold to generate funds.

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