Edu Gaspar

Nothing like a bit of nepotism to get us all excited.


He should be out the door June 1 along with Arteta. The idea we fired Raul for being corrupt and the promoted his bagman is just insane.

What are the likely moves he’ll make this summer?

New contract for Luiz
New contract for Elneny
New contract for Xhaka
Extension for Lacazette

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Right now he’ll do anything Arteta wants him to because he’s his bitch it looks like.

Huge problem. We’re back to a situation where the manager can outflank the DoF. Gazidis was a fraud and a snake but he did try to wrestle power away from Arsene towards the end and had the right idea by appointing Emery as just a coach. This fool has managed to be promoted to DoF with zero qualifications and somehow get demoted to the same level as the manager.

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He’s actually got more qualifications than Arteta did.

Previous DoF for Santos? and the CBF.

But because of this Kia business, now has hitched onto Arteta for dear life to protect his job.

Well anyone had more qualifications than Coach Smooth B because he had literally no experience running a first team squad.

Edu’s job with the CBF is totally different imo. You’re necessarily limited to a pool of players because it’s international football (or futbol if you will). There are also no agent fees at play when you do CBF call ups. Maybe he did a favor for Kia here or there to get a guy a cap but it’s not like the CBF had to spend money to call in a promising young player.

Looking like a proper amateur right about now.
Good work sending people out and not bringing replacements in.
Looking forward to seeing what shitty business we do in the summer.