Eddie Nketiah (14)

Fucking hell. :rofl:


I do think the comparison Roy Keane (!) made between Eddie and Ian Wright is very apt. Lot of similarities- not on the ball much but lethal when he is.

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Nketiah is just a poacher


His underlying stats are actually insane, even from last season.

The most mad one is Jesus though. Sea of greens. :rofl:

Hopefully we get to see them together when he comes back. What we saw in preseason was extremely promising.


That’s actually mad, particularly as I thought Darwin would be the player who dominates the work-rate type stats.

Nketiah has become such an excellent all-round striker. But he still does the most important job, which is putting the ball in the back of the net.

We’re winning big games, we’re scoring goals and we’re still playing beautiful football. Eddie has earned the right to stay in the team. 2 massive goals in a massive game, scoring the all important equaliser and winner. Couldn’t be more happy for Nketiah.

Should probs be on 150k/w lol, we got a bargain :arteta:


Imagine if we had sold him to Palace for £10 million as was mooted…


3.5 years…pfff

I raise you 3.6 years ;).

It is known :palms_up_together:


We have God tier foresight


Jesus is the backup

Saka says hi :wink:


You forgot Odegaard and Martinelli lol


Would be subject to 60-70m transfer if he was in Serie A or La Liga

That’s why you should rely on eye test.


Bruh I’ve cycled through this thread and it’s genuinely gone from minorly positive, to horrifically negative, to positive to negative up and down full roundabout and landed on exceptionally positive again.

The lad has experienced all manner of doubters in and around the club whilst also seeing the complete opposite end of the scale in his young career already lol. I don’t think the outside noise affects him one bit any more having seen all these ups and downs whether it’s people raving about him or dismissing him.

Even all the hailing the fans and media are doing won’t get to his head which is excellent really if you want longevity. He’s an example to young players in taking your opportunities as nothing else matters. Could be a hell of a success story years down the line.


Hahah, that’s pretty much everyone’s comment.

For anyone doubting their eyes and wants the stats as well, here you go:

A sea of greens. Easily one of the most well rounded forwards in the world. Which is why he had so much demand in the summer. He pretty much fits everywhere.

Anyway, I would definitely like to see Jesus and Eddie in the same team personally. Jesus is the guy Pep always relied upon on big occasions. Big matches, always there. Tough run-in, always there.
He was big a reason City clinched the title last season.
He has to be right back into the team once he’s fit.

tbf…Nketiah is a better finisher than Jesus so not surprised that he’s scoring a higher amount of his big chances.


Yep, he’s genuinely one of the best finishers in the league. He didn’t break the U21s record by chance.


That performance vs West Ham away last season caught the eye for how well rounded it was. Since then whenever he’s had a consistent run he’s been quality.

Instinctive goal scoring is his bread and butter but along with that he’s really starting to showcase that he may have it all.

Long may it continue.