Dušan Vlahović

How come you’re giving him the benefit of the doubt but you’re not giving Havertz the same? :arteta4:

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No, because I like Vlahović


Matchday going fans see a player in Havertz, someone that can come good and puts a shift in. Writing him off this early is just a weird internet phenomenon.

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Tbh, I wasn’t even trying to make this about Havertz.
Just curious why @Darkseid is willing to give Vlahovic the benefit of the doubt.

Havertz is playing in a good team and under a progressive coach no ? :arteta4:


Not this guy again lol, funny was looking at his stats for the season yesterday and thought hmm pretty garbage, glad we dodged that.

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My thing with the whole “he plays under Allegri” excuse is that many other forwards played under Allegri and have scored shitload of goals. Tevez, Higuain, Dybala and Ronaldo did just fine under Allegri at Juve.

I’m not sure how a player of Vlahovic’s profile would struggle anyway. Wouldn’t be the first poacher to play under a conservative manager.

I said Allegri was washed now, he’s deinfitely declined as a coach

But yeah Vlahovic shares blame also but regardless I’d still like to see him in a different enviroment with better players and system because I think he could potentially be very good somewhere else.

Id take him at this more reasonable price now.

We could do with a good target man for depth.


Patino + cash?

nah send them that absolute lumbering turd that is Nketiah


Yes please but Juve will be in the Champions League next year and should win the league this year. I doubt Dusan is availsble this January.

The best option of all the forwards we have been linked with.

Du it.

Make it so!

Dusan’t seem likely to me either.


Same Vlah Vlah Vlah as every window


50m too steep?

Never heard of this from the 80-100m Toney rumors.

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You turned Vampire?

If he is available for 50m, I think you do whatever you can to get him in. That’s pretty cheap in today’s market.


I think it should be a concern for the buyer that Juve have given up on the star player they signed for ridiculous money(for Serie A standars) in the middle of the season 2 years ago.

So desperate to get rid of him they offered him to Chelsea for a 30 year old Lukaku.