Dušan Vlahović

Is he better than Toney?

Mind you, the incoming ban for betting might put Toney out of the shop window.

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He has had 39 appearances this season?

He’s missed 10 domestic games this season not including internationals, you’re basing your stats on league, cup,euro and internationals

39 didn’t include international games. League, Cup, and Europe. Same as Balogun. Still isn’t a bad number of performances this season.

Does that really matter though? We can’t be like that if the player in question can genuinely improve the team

Also not convinced it wasn’t just typical agent BS rather than being driven by the player, he’s definitely a different profile to Jesus and I think in terms of being a pure shooter he will prove to be the more prolific striker.

I would definitely be interested in him if a deal is there to be made, Juventus are a shit show and Allegri isn’t getting the best out of him at all. There’s very few quality young striker prospects out there.

Hang on are you saying he’s played 39 league games this season?

Even with that, his stock has quite clearly dropped since they signed him. I mean it’s fair enough he had a bad injury but he’s still been involved in 39 games and come up with 13 goals.

Now the gamble is that the player is just in a bad spell and suffering due to the setup he’s in, but that’s still quite a gamble at this point and why I think Juve should get nowhere near their money back.

Lol just got down to this after replying to the previous post, according to transfermarkt he’s played (sub or started) 39 games yep.

Yea across all available competitions domestic and international, the way Invincibles was putting it it was 39 league games which isn’t possible
For someone who’s missed a few games and played in a shit system 13 goals is good going.
Not forgetting he was on fire when he was with Fiorentina.

Yeah the previous hype is what you’d really buy him off. His stint at Juve has been poor quite simply (22 in 60 overall), so 50m mark and I think we could take the risk.

Juve are banking on the continued transfer inflation and dearth of young promising strikers I guess.

No I’m saying that he has played 39 League, Cup and European games for Juventus.

I doubt Juve have paid Fiorentina more than €5million yet anyway

Ok my English reading comprehension is all over the place today lol

Brentford also want £100M for Toney


Silly season nearly upon us.


Has he done much for Juve?

Moise Kean starts over him these days.

Started the season well but he dropped off.

Would like to see him in a better team and under a more progressive coach

Allegri is washed

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Would rather have Giroud back over this fraud.

is that you @Phoebica ?