It’s not an epic at all, and it’s not supposed to be, I wouldn’t say.


I was winding up the lad from earlier in the thread but he won’t read it anyway so s’cool





What a hero, good on you sir.


He probably voted Brexit, the fucker.


One thing that did bug me at the end:

[spoiler]Is it me, or was there no need for that pilot to get captured?

Surely rather than landing perfectly in German territory and torching the plane he should have just pointed the plane away from the beach and bailed out nearby to the army?[/spoiler]


Yeah I completely agree Leper, massive plot hole haha especially considering what the other pilot did.

Just saw it last night. Absolutely loved it, very tense and suspenseful. Even watching in normal format was great, the stuka divebombers sounded so scary.


Going to see this on Saturday with the Mrs, hopefully its a good watch.


Awesome man! You’ll love it!

I’m going again this Friday.


Going on Friday, I’ve heard positive reviews of it almost without exception so should be great


Booked in to see this next Thursday on IMAX. I saw a space documentary on IMAX on a school trip when I was something like 10 or 11, but aside from that this’ll be my first time, so I’m pretty excited because of that as well as for the film.


The dive bombers were so fucking loud. Almost got post traumatic stress from the film


Lord have mercy on all who had to brace themselves for the descent of those Messerschmitt Bf 109’s 75 years ago. Depicted with serious intensity throughout the ‘Mole’ sequence.


Wow whoever said it wasn’t a war film wasn’t kidding :open_mouth: Not quite sure how you’d categorise it. The different angles come together really well, needs a second viewing to appreciate that you’re seeing the same thing a second or third time over :thinking: Overall really tense, suspenseful, captivating :+1: Go see it


Not sure what to make of the film really.

I liked that I was watching something new; I haven’t seen a war film done like this before, with the slow, almost undulating pace. The whole film, especially the aerial stuff, has quite a unique feel of isolation to it, and a kind of meditative distance from the events. It was surprisingly tense as well.

On the other hand I can barely remember what I saw, and found parts tedious, perhaps that was the point.

I guess I must’ve liked it, despite not really feeling as though I did.


Behind the scenes shot with Nolan and Hoyte van Hoytema


If you haven’t already, look at the Inception behind-the-scenes. Instead of using gravity CGI, he chose to instead recreate the whole surrounds.

The scream of those planes was terrifying! I think Nolan learned from the sound-failures of Interstellar.


Finally saw this last night and wow!

Loved every bit of it

Loved the different angles of filming. Agree with what a few others have said about the noise of the dive bombers. Really loud and if you dont watch this at the cinema then you wont get a feel for that at all

Agree with what Leper said about the pilot and being captured. Thought he could of easily of bailed out in to the sea and then could of been picked up

Thats being really picky though


I don’t know about you lot, but I’m ready for the hardest of Brexits. Fucking bring it on.


Fuck glad I read this. I’m gonna go see it in the theater next week, was going to wait for blu ray but it sounds like you gotta see it in theaters to get the full experience.

Btw good call everyone on The Prestige, probably my favorite Nolan movie. Seen it like 50 times lol.