Interstellar is as far from being ‘a pile of poo’ as I can feasibly imagine a film reaching. Probably one of the most involving films I’ve seen in years!*

*Author’s own opinion only :eyes::grimacing:

@Cristo not sure it’s worth going to Swindon, even for Dunkirk


30 minutes on the train is a trek?! I live in London and it’ll take me longer to get to the IMAX in Waterloo haha

Just go to Swindon and watch it mate


Hahaha I’m used to never being more than a 15-20 minute walk away from the cinema, I’ve been blessed.

My mate has already booked tickets for us at the Showcase De Lux in Bristol, so can’t really back out now. I’m not one to shy away from watching a film twice in the cinema if I rate it though.

Is IMAX actually that amazing?


I find IMAX overrated. Never really saw the attraction of it. But maybe that’s just me.


The problem is that their are only 2 imax cinemas in the U.K. that are proper imax that’s odeon Manchester and BFI Waterloo. So with the other cinemas you don’t get any really benifit due to film gets cropped because their screens arnt big enough.


Aha ok, well that’s all I needed to know then. Thanks pal.


So is IMAX effectively pointless outside of those two venues?


Pretty much yes. Their be a slight improvement in picture but you won’t be watching it how it should be seen.


Err no. Went to the IMAX in Cineworld (enfield) and it ticks all the boxes. Screen is big enough and the sound is 10x better than normal screens. IMAX is IMAX wherever you go.


Nah there is a difference.

The screen at the science centre used to be proper IMAX but not it is also the pale imitation kind.

It’s still massively better than usual screens though and I’m hoping Dunkirk is still on there when i’m back in the UK.

P.S. Can I categorically state Interstellar is a stellar film, and worth a watch even if you don’t like it in the end.


So I was supposed to see it this Friday but my gf bailed out on me because she was apparently too tired (she doesn’t want to go because she hates war movies) and the film has been in the back of my mind since then. Is it worthy, is it not… I am in Bucharest for the weekend so hadn’t checked the forums for a day or so and I get on here to find 25 new posts the movies thread. Oh cool, some feasible information at last, hopefully some discussion and further opinions other than Bl1nk’s who obviously can’t be trusted for objectivity with matters related to Nolan :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead I read about cave men who haven’t been to an IMAX theatre before or mad men who think Interstellar was overrated. Thanks guys.


Hmmm, the interstellar argument. It’s a tough one. It’s unique. Definitely worth a watch. Paradoxically, to me it’s one of those films you’d watch once and never again. You’ve been there, done it, worn the metaphorical t-shirt.

Other, more story-bound, lesser known Nolan works like the Prestige stand the test of time and can be watched repeatedly.

I’ll probably be shot down for saying that (Gets bullet proof armour ready)


I actually kind of agree. I’ve seen Interstellar more than once, but after the first time the extra edge was off. You know what’s gonna happen, you know what happens behind the black hole. It’s just that first view, in IMAX, really fucking blew me away.

I can watch the Prestige right now :smiley: Great cast, story and acting.


With Netflix, Amazon and HBO, people are forgetting the impact the art; ie what directors choose to film on, and with what ratios they convey it in.

Going to the cinema is an experience; and for Nolan, a physical film protectionist, this means a lot to him.


The Tourist was a poor film, Interstellar was not.


Yea going to the cinema is more about the popcorn for me. The art aspect of cinema is simply never has and never is going to interest me.


Depends what you and see, I guess.

But if that’s your belief, then it’s odd you’re in this discussion/thread.


Well I read most threads so not really. :slight_smile:


To bring it back to the topic, saw it this afternoon. It was definitely different to your average film, very intense the whole way through, absolutely no let up. I like that the traditional propaganda line about Dunkirk as a great success was underplayed for the majority of the film, and by the time it did appear the film had kind of earned it a bit.

I genuinely felt a bit exhausted by the end, like I’d been on edge pretty constantly. Worth seeing just for that experience.


What’s the running time of this EPIC? I assume it’s a 120-plusser