I’ll always go for story and characters over atmosphere but just a personal preference there.

Which is not to say I can’t/wouldn’t enjoy a film like this. I’m sure I will when I watch it.


For sure. I like both types. This felt more of an ‘experience’ rather than watching a film. It felt as if you were there next to the soldiers due to the IMAX theatre. Which makes it redundant after it stops being shown in cinemas tbh unless you have a good home theatre setup.


Seriously tempted to mute this thread until I’ve seen it… :thinking:


I’ve drunk a lot today


It’s now ranked 33rd on IMDB’s top movie charts.


I can’t wait for Tuesday.


No film does.

Nolan, at least not in his previous films, hasn’t really done anything that would require him to shoot in such a large format anyway. For example: when he made Interstellar, he said that he was treating the Imax like GoPro.

If you can watch great 70mm films like Playtime and 2001 A Space Odyssey at home, then you most certainly can watch Nolan’s without any problems.


Interstellar worth watching?


It’s not a bad watch some cool stuff in it. Just the ending off the film lets it down.


Can I request a forum ban for AC? These sort of questions require punushment.


It’s okay, but I’ll never watch it again. Don’t know if that qualifies as something worth seeing.


I am getting the feeling there is some weird Christopher Nolan secret cult underpinning this forum.


Indeed. I enjoy his films but he’s not infallible. As interstellar proves by being a pile of poo.


Interstellar was a poor film. Never quite understood how anyone rated it as highly as it has been rated.


Isn’t that the case off all nolans films


You guys are nuts, Interstellar was epic. As was Inception, the Batman trilogy and Memento was fantastic too.


Enough with the Nolan bashing! Interstellar was great! Not as good as Inception, Memento, The Prestige or TDK but still great.

If there’s a Nolan film not quite reaching high levels it’s Insomnia.


Its not Nolan bashing. Interstellar is shite but I love most of his other stuff.


This times a 1000. If a film needs these ‘enhancements’ to be great that isn’t a positive in my opinion. Quite the contrary.


The nearest IMAX to me is in fucking Swindon.

Can someone tell me how the hell Swindon, Cardiff, Cheltenham and Southampton all have IMAX cinemas but Bath and Bristol can’t sort one out between them? ffs.

I’m going to see it in normal quality on Tuesday and then if I love it, I’ll make the trek over to Swindon (30 min train journey, which ain’t too bad).

How expensive is IMAX? I’ve never been to an IMAX film before.