I’m getting some madddd chills over this one bruh

(Gets coat)


The absolute state of it all. :smile: SJW the world over need a time out.


“Journalism is dead”

An ironic end to a trash piece


Wasn’t Interstellar really bad?




Interstellar was nothing short of brilliant


In all fairness, the article that comment comes from only says that once at the end, it’s not a focus of the piece and who knows
what editorial process it went through.


Have to say, it feels pretty good to see you getting this treatment too. #Solidarity

Dats not what I heard!! :tipping_hand_man:t2:


Watch it.


Interstellar was fantastic!


Quite literally


Classic @AbouCuellar. Contrary until the end.


Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Cinematography, production design, sound design, the acting, the storytelling, the music (Zimmer again). It’s a masterpiece. And my god it’s an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. Had to fight the tears near the end. Fucking hell. Exceptional film. Just not like what I’m used to see. Wish it was longer than 100 minutes!

Won’t go into much detail because of potential spoilers, but the spitfire scenes (also seen in trailers) were sensational. Perfectly shot. Can’t wait to see it again. See this on the biggest possible screen you can find (IMAX!)


Give Nolan his oscar ffs.


Blink did a better job at promoting this film than its actual marketers.


Yes. Load of shite.


Knew you’d love it, ol chum.


6/10. Visually stunning but not the epic war movie I was expecting


Intensely captivating throughout.

Has to be seen in IMAX. Anything less and it loses half its charm. The thuds of bombs crashing on the first scene was just hair raising.

Brilliant from start to finish. 9.5/10


Fuck any film that needs this tbh.


It really does though. I can imagine the film being much less exciting watching it at home for example. Films mainly about the atmosphere it produces and captures your attention. The story is what it is. Its definitely not about the dialogue thats for sure.