Weirdly was talking about this film last night regarding how simple the dialogue actually is. Its hardly Shakespeare but yet a really moving piece of brilliance. Feel sorry for those watching it on a laptop.


Seen it last night and it’s beautiful shot but that’s it to the film. Theirs no depth to the characters their to flat with no personality so I just didn’t care for the characters if they made it back or not.


I think the lack of characterisation was intentional by the director. He wanted to portray the sights, sounds, smells of just a few hours/ a day / a week in the war for these different ppl, regardless of what they had done before to get to that point. I liked that


So the Thin Red Line Michael Bay style, basically.


Thought the movie was amazing. Chris Nolan is always coming up with such masterful and different ways to tell a story. Honestly, as far as the character development is concerned I don’t think it was needed. You learned enough about their character through their actions. Some of the soldiers were more cowardly than the civilians who selflessly risked their lives to save them, and the soldiers who went above and beyond to rescue as many people as possible.


I made a mistake…I watched a TS download version that wasn’t the greatest of quality, even for TS.

Thought the film was brilliant…Really enjoyed the different angles to tell the same story.

Possible minor plot hole?:

[spoiler]When Harry Styles and his mates are on that grounded fishing trawler about to send Froggy-Gibson out like a lamb to slaughter - Tommy says “he saved our lives”.

How the fuck did he know Froggy opened the ship’s bolted kitchen door where they were in the process of drowning after it was torpedoed if he was hiding the fact that he was French? Froggy-Gibson jumps from the ship and then we see Tommy and Harry Styles come out from the submerged kitchen down below. There were still others abandoning ship at the same time as them.[/spoiler]


the English guy knew the French dood standing near the door just in case something happened. Maybe it was just an assumption that he was nearest the door and opened it when the Torpedo hit. When he blurted out that he saved everyone it seemed like it was a last ditch effort to save his life, like he was improvising in that moment.


Glad you loved it!! Shame you couldn’t see it in the cinemas. Definitely check it out again when the bluray copy comes out! :slight_smile:


Can we give condemning titles to those who did not like this film, @Bl1nk?


Wonderful idea.


Just finishing watching this. Tense, dramatic film. Really loved it. The biggest rescue in the history


Those who haven’t seen it. It’s now available online.

Go see it :smiley:


Out on 4k blu ray this month and it’s a amazing picture going off reviews


Re-watched it in glorious (lol) 1080p. A beautiful film. :clap:


Just watched this today. Excellent film.

Not your stereotypical war film. Nothing Americo-centric, Spielberg hyperbole bullshit about this one. This is a no frills, harrowing true story- and a story that needed to be told.

With a Nolan staple to boot, the film keeps you gripped from minute one.

Easily the movie of 2017


Nolan fans, this is a great interview: