Everyone is probably waiting for Harry Styles.

World Premiere at Leicester Square


Well the early viewers certainly seem to love the film:


You seem even more psyched for this one than I am @Bl1nk ! Only a few days to go now


Well, naturally. If a combination of Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer, war propaganda and Harry fucking Styles isn’t enough mediocrity to hit the lowest common denominator, I don’t know what is. Maybe if the Gosling was there, too. This this is going to have so much “epic” storytelling, “epic” music, “epic” acting and “epic” camera work, even complete airheads will have their mind blown.


^^ Snooty McSnooterton :grimacing:


Quite possibly. My last sentence is totally true though, and you know it. :wink:


Correct. It will. :kos2:


the contrary hipster strikes again.


I hardly post here anymore, yet you always seem to find my rare appearances with the precision of a dedicated stalker. Need to vent your frustration your precious English boys Jack and Lexy aren’t going to make it here after all, after all those years of praising them, you little nationalist cunt?



Hey bastart… @Calum how you get that custom tag thing next to your user?

P.S This thread took a turn… :neutral_face:


:giroud3: :fishing_pole_and_fish: wowzers.


Ask @mysty he’ll change it to what you want :slight_smile:

Prick :wink:


Which is a shame. Even when I don’t agree with you, you’re worth reading. I do love it when you lose your shit too :crazy_face:


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Ask @mysty he’ll change it to what you want :slight_smile:

Prick :wink:
[/quote]Mysty can work wonders when called upon :sunglasses:

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IMDB - 9.6
Rotten Tomatoes 9.6
Metascore 9.7

Nolan ALWAYS delivers.

@Persona @Cristo


It comes out on my birthday. Tempted to go see it. Think it’d be too good an opportunity not to go see it in IMAX (if youre a fan of that).


Fuck that’s amazing


Just like that :joy: