So wait, is 4 stars the best rating they give?

I think there will be a worldwide jizzfest when this film is released. I’m sure I’ll be able to hear @Bl1nk climax in the Netherlands (twice).


(Harry Styles, playing a small role with subtle grace and zero pop-star showboating)

Small role. :giroud3:


I find the idea of Beckham popping up in that King Arthur film a lot more embarrassing than young Harold in this one, seeing as he’s the right age group and it’s a real life EPIC, rather than fairytales about knights


At least twice! I’m going three times in one week haha

I’m a nutcase


Propa nutcase


I don’t think I’ve seen any film three times, except maybe Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


Why? Do you have some weird snake fetish?


Hell, I’ve seen films I don’t even like more than 3 times. :giroud3:


I can only watch a film once. No point in watching it again If I know what happens same with tv shows


I watch a film again and again until I get sick of it… then I wait a while and then watch it again.

Seen Casablanca like 10+ times. :neutral_face: Still never been sick of it though…




They get off the beach!!!


^ Fuck all point watching it now. :sanchez2:


Just don’t mention the war :eyes:





Cant wait to see this. Cant get to see it until 1st August though :frowning:


IMAX booked for friday night!


Mate of mine went last night, said it’s average and a 6+ at best.

I’m gonna have to kill the fucker


That’s bullshit and I do not believe it.

However booking in three viewings before having seen it once is ambitious haha I’d have seen it first then gone again


Haha yeah. I have a movie pass though, so I pay a fixed fee every month allowing me to see unlimited movies.