Oh my GOD that looks good. Can’t wait for this @Persona


Just seen the runtime for this film is ‘only’ 1h 47m @Persona :santi: bit gutted as i was hoping for 2 hours at least! Especially with a war story.


Aye. Just read an article saying it’s his shortest film since his debut one. He’s gone on record saying it’s not really a war film but a ‘suspense film’.

Still my number 1 anticipated film of the year though. :slight_smile:


Apparently there’s very little dialogue in the film which will probably make up for how short it is given just how intense it will be.


These look great


The young actors talk about making the film.


N>#Christopher Nolan Explains Why ‘Dunkirk’ is Rated PG-13: ‘It Is Not a War Film’

Although his highly anticipated next feature, “Dunkirk,” is set during World War II, director Christopher Nolan has been vocal that he does not see it as a war film, but more of a story of survival. That’s why it’s been rated PG-13 for “intense war experience and some language,” instead of the R-rating most war films tend to share.

“All of my big blockbuster films have been PG-13. It’s a rating I feel comfortable working with totally. ‘Dunkirk’ is not a war film. It’s a survival story and first and foremost a suspense film,” Nolan said. “So while there is a high level of intensity to it, it does not necessarily concern itself with the bloody aspects of combat, which have been so well done in so many films. We were really trying to take a different approach and achieve intensity in a different way. I would really like lots of different types of people to get something out of the experience.”

No blood and guts flying around. Mel Gibson will be disappointed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyway, can’t wait! Just two more weeks. I’ve got tickets for the Friday and Sunday screening haha.


Why is Harold in that round table thing, isn’t he only in it for a couple of scenes?

Or should I be more cynical here :thinking:


I think Harry’s got more a role in this than I’d thought tbh. He’s on every promotional piece put out. (Then again, with his following, that would just be common sense)

I hope this film is a success and a we get a few more WWII films from the British perspective. Could do one about the Blitz and the volunteer firemen putting out the flames of London.



You going to the cinema for this @Persona ?


Nope. My ‘issues’ forbid it, unfortunately. :neutral_face: Shall have to wait until DVD. :disappointed:


What, why?

Edit: i totally misread “issues” as missus haha sorry!


^ PM’d.


Ah shit man, PM me as well if you want. That really sucks.



This is wonderful :heart: @Persona @Cristo


For some reason that reminded me of this from a couple weeks back. Heartbreaking. :neutral_face:



Fucking hell that is the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time :disappointed:. Did he get them back yet?


Na. Unfortunately. However, he was given replacement medals by a bloody decent bloke (another ex-British Serviceman) who bought some from a dealer and then presented them to him at a flower show.

For whoever found the medals, there are some decent rewards floating around. £5,000 from Crimestoppers and Hugh Grant put up a £1,000 reward.


Would be great to see Nolan to direct a TV series; surely he has something in the works.


Judging by this released song from the Soundtrack (Hans Zimmer) it is gonna be a massive suspense movie.